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"Poteet" Strawberry cream pie TFA

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by , 03-24-2014 at 05:43 AM (176 Views)
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Hi, another local flav from South Texas, I gave it a go and it went, dreamy creamy! As is as follows!

1ml Strawberry TFA
.75ml Vanilla custard TFA
.50ml Pie Crust TFA
.50ml Dulce de leche TFA
.25ml Whipped cream TFA
2ml TFA Sweetner
1ml Distilled water
10ml VG
14ml PG (with nic pg ratio added)

This recipe makes 30ml finished product, divide in half to make 15ml sample bottle.

Let steep 24-48hrs, but can be sampled in 2-4 hrs stored at room temp, with vigiourous shaking.

This recipe is sure to please, sweet, ripe with cakey creamy undertones...Just like the Poteet Strawberry Festival!

On this one, I felt 2ml sweetner was needed to give that syrupy strawberry flavor plus to mute the custard tones a bit.

Feel free to adjust the PG/VG ratios to suit your needs, I use a Protank, Kanger T3S, and a T2 top coil wick and this blend works perfectly. Nice clouds and th to boot!

I add distilled water to make the strawberry pop, and it vapes in your mouth like a moist fresh cake. If you don't like distilled water in your juices replace with PG or VG.

Enjoy ya'll!
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