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(4) A Good Starter's Setup for a Beginning Vapor

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by , 02-11-2013 at 08:17 AM (17945 Views)


2 Batteries, 1 Charger, and a USB/Wall Adaptor
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Vision eGo Spinner or Joyetech eGo Twist variable voltage batteries. Need two.
A battery's expected time of use between charges is rated in "mAh". 100 mAh = 1 hour. A 650 mAh battery can be expected to work for 6.5 hours, a 1000 mAh battery expected to last 10 hours between charges. Thus you'll need more than a single battery to be able to vape all day.
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Appropriate eGo battery charger and a USB/wall unit.

Juice Delivery Devices:
I recommend getting a couple of top or bottom fill clearomizers. These are easy for beginners to fill and use. These have a replacement wick/coil head assembly which may need to be replaced every 10 - 20 days. Coil heads are not intercompatible between different models or brands.


The Innokin iClear 16, Aspire CE5, Kanger T3S or Evod, or a Mini Vivi Nova made by Aspire or Vision are commonly recommended clearomizers. Get two; use the second one for a backup or to use with a second flavor. You might consider getting a couple of replacement coil heads at this time of the particular clearomizer model that you choose.

Innokin iClear fill & wick replacement tutorial
Aspire CE5 and Vivi Nova tutorial

*All the above can be found at most online e-cigarette retailers. You can buy these individually or in a starter kit. The e-liquid will need to be purchased separately.

Juice, or e-liquid:

For e-liquid, a typical 1 pack-per-day smoker likely will need 12-18 mg nicotine in the juice.

Figure on consuming 2 - 3 ml of liquid daily.
Tips for Novices Seeking Tobacco/Cigarette Flavors


I created a picture dictionary of the more common​ juice delivery attachments. To gain knowledge of how these devices look and differ from one another click on the link below:
Proper Terminology: Is It a Carto? A Tank? Or What? A Primer on Common Juice Delivery Attachments

Beginner Guide to Vaping

The following Tutorial applies to either the Spinner or Twist eGo batteries:


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  1. Destro's Avatar
    Hey Bad,
    Been lurking your posts since I stumbled upon your IBtanked threads...
    Can't wait for payday to pick up one and see what it's about! I've also have been interested in picking up a vv soon but have been racking my brains between the spinner or the Twist, most likely will pick up both , but i'd like to know your thoughts on them..Thanks!
  2. Baditude's Avatar
    Honestly, I own neither. But I do often read owner's preferences. Being that the Spinner has easier to read settings and an easier to use voltage dial it is frequently more often recommended by users who have owned both. It is also slightly larger in diameter, which many people found more to their liking.
  3. Kemosabe's Avatar
    Hi Guys. One note: the voltage markings have worn off on my spinner, but not on my twist. if you do get a spinner, put a clear coat over the voltage indicators before your hands rub it completely off from use.
  4. telijah's Avatar
    This blog alone has gotten me to buy my first tank. Thanks for your no-B.S. blogs and straight forward method!
  5. badbadivy's Avatar
    This is amazingly helpful. Thanks for taking the time to explain all of this.
  6. Baditude's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cherrycakes
    this blog needs a sticky at the top of the new members forum, lol
    I've asked the forum administrator and gotten no reply from him. Perhaps if enough ECF members request this it will be done. Contact Old Soldier.
  7. Agent78's Avatar
    Thanks for posting on my thread earlier. Someone recommended to check out your stuff on carto, clearo and attys. very educational and helpful. Keel up the good work
  8. roonies's Avatar
    I started on the Halo G6 cig a like kit, but in no time it wasn't enough for me. I love my vision spinners with mini vivi nova tanks....metal for my citrus type juices which harm polycarb clearos.
  9. floridaBMW's Avatar
    Great info, thanks for taking the time Baditude! I'm gonna send this link to some friends who want to quit.

  10. desmondsg's Avatar
    nice read. great video. cheers!
  11. Ladiekali's Avatar
    Awesome video. Does the vision have a cut off? I read somewhere that it had a shortcut off causing shorter hits
  12. deltadiva's Avatar
    What are your thoughts on the Evod starter set? This is what I purchased last week on recommendation by the vape shop in my area. This shop did not sell the e go product line. I did go back in today and purchase a clearomizer. Ismoka, Mega. plastic. :unsure: , Now thinking glass would have been smarter. Looking forward to your response.
  13. Baditude's Avatar
    The Evod battery is essentially an eGo class battery. This should be a nice starter setup for a novice. Just about any juice attachment that utilizes glass is going to be a higher end product. Safe for all flavors so no worries about tank-cracking flavors like Cinnamon and Citrus Flavors. A Kanger mini Protank uses glass. Something Safe for Cinnamon and Citrus Flavors
  14. bioburner's Avatar
    A Kanger mini protank 2 and EVOD battery was my first and was recommended by salesman. Have gotten into a couple mods now but looking to start rebuildable tanks
  15. Nishi's Avatar
    Really helpful blog for newbies. Thanks.
  16. stewbeck's Avatar
    I started with a China ego battery and Kager t3s tank, The battery sucked and the tank is leaking after less than a week, I have since purchased a VV I taste battery and have a protank3 on the way, hope I have better results!
  17. Iain68's Avatar
    Great video, new to this and didn't have a clue until now, thanks
  18. MorelyMagicMist's Avatar
    I like this for a tank. You can get affordable coil heads for it too. Recently, got onto using this one. The heads are about a buck more per five pack. Also use an RGM2 tank, which looks similar to one of these. But the RGM2's are available via FastTech for around $10 less. A benefit of the RGM2 tanks is they accept standardized ProTank coil heads which run about $5 per five pack. The UniTank takes these same coil heads.

    Pair any of the three tanks I use above with a standard 900mAh, no vv, battery and a nice system is had. You can get a battery for around $15. I also use a eGo V battery, 1100mAh specifically for the AeroTank. It is vv, I may get 5-6 hours use off it w/ the AeroTank and then, recharge it. The 900mAh with either the RGM2, or Aro gives me anywhere from 8-12 hours use before needing recharged.

    The RGM2 & Aro are good starter clearomizers, even good for vet vapers. The AeroTank though, for me provides more flavor. That I note may vary for everyone. All totaled I think I have less than $50 in hardware as a starter kit. Average yearly hardware cost will run me around $120-150 depending on preferences, hardware wear. Add on an average $100 for juice per year, though I doubt even that. I may hit around $80 for juice. Think I once figured near $200 yearly costs, juice and hardware.

    I consider analogs running around $2,000 - 4,000 yearly, look at vaping costs. I think I'll just on.