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(13) Why Provari?

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by , 01-14-2014 at 08:31 PM (10194 Views)
Nearly every day a new thread on ECF is started asking what is so special about the Provari from Provape. So to appease those people's questions, I've decided to add another title to my blogs with a collection of facts and opinions about the Provari.

The Provari was first introduced in 2010. Since its introduction it has become the "gold standard" of regulated advanced personal vaporizors due to its quality of build, quality of parts used, and the attention to manufacturing detail. It has a military-grade processor-regulator (made in the US) whose patented Accuset Technology offers unmatched accuracy of providing the user's set voltage throughout its battery's life.

Exceptional regulation
From a fully charged battery until that battery needs to be replaced, there will be no drop off in vapor quality as the battery is used. Your last puff will be as good as the first. The processor continuously monitors the battery voltage, and adjusts the voltage automatically to maintain the user setting within 1% accuracy. The regulator uses PWM (pulse width modulation) at 800+ Hz frequency, which many owners describe as a "smoother vaping experience" when compared to many other mods. The vast majority of mod processors use a lower 33.3 Hz frequency (the rattlesnake effect).

Provari on an Oscelloscope vs a Vamo

Why Mods that Use the Cheap 33.3 Hz Chip don't Vape the Same as a Provari, DNA-20, etc

Durability and reliability
A Provari will provide exceptional durability, reliability, and dependability for years. Survival stories are commonplace. From falling one story off of a ledge onto concrete, run over by cars and a dump truck, falling from a moving motorcycle and bouncing on the highway, getting dunked in a swimming pool or temporarily lost in a river, to surviving an entire cycle in a washing machine when forgotten in a pants pocket. In each instance and more, the Provari survived. Only the blade of a lawn mower has bested a Provari (the chip survived and was placed in a new Provari).

Exceptional customer support and warranty
The US manufacturer supports its product for life, offering a 1 year warranty, an option to purchase a second year at time of purchase, and offering fast repair service for life after warranty for a reasonable cost. Typical turnaround for repair is only one week. Chinese manufacturers offer no repair options, you will have to purchase another mod should they break or need repair of any sort.

Standard Post-Warranty Service Repair Costs for a Provari
Replace Window and screws- $10.00
Replace Circuit Board - $65.00
Upgrade to V2 - $20.00
Replace plastic pushbutton - $5.00
Repairs to the circuit board - $25.00
Cleaning - $20.00
Replace top cap - $15.00
Broken Cartomizer Service - $10.00
Return shipping within the USA - $5.00

Provari: Made in the USA
The Provari is 99% US made and manufactured. Provape uses US-made stainless steel bar stock to produce the tubes, top caps, bottom caps, and connectors.
Only a certain few electrical components for the circuit board not available from the US are from other countries.
The Making of a Provari
PBusardo Visit to the Provape Facility pt 1

Two sizes of Provari
The standard size Provari and the Mini are exactly the same except for the battery sizes that they can use and their overall length. They have the same mico-processor and functions. The outer body milling designs are different between the standard (crop circles) and mini (tear drops).

The Provari offers only variable voltage (no variable wattage).
It uses a standard 510 connector for juice attachments. It has an LED screen to display information such as voltage settings, as well as ohm and voltage meter readings. For your safety, it will provide an error code when there is something wrong with the setup. It uses a single button to control mode settings: Power Up, Power Down, Power On/Off, Battery Voltage, Ohm Resistance, LED Light On/Off. The Provari measures resistance and battery voltage "under load".

It comes in a standard size using an 18490 IMR high-drain battery. With the optional battery extension cap ($25), you can use the larger 18650 battery. The shorter Mini Provari uses an 18350 battery; with the extension cap you can use the 18490 battery.
Provape strongly recommends using only AW high drain IMR button top batteries. Why High Drain Batteries?

There are third party manufacturers who offer extension rings which will allow you to use an 18650 battery in the Mini along with the Provape extension cap. Tatroe Mods Provari Extension Ring

video by Provape
PBusardo's Review of the Provari (version 2.0) YouTube video

The default Provari comes in a satin silver finish for $159. Colors are optional in carokote finishes for an additional $20. This is a durable ceramic coated finish that many firearms use. People may ask why Provape charges more for the colored models. Provape doesn't paint them in house, but outsources them to an outside company. This costs Provape $20, so they only charge this amount to those customers who desire a colored Provari.

The default color for the LED display is red, with blue and green LED colors offered for $15 additional. The supplier charges Provape $15 more for the blue or green LED, so Provape only charges this additional amount to those customers who desire one of these LED colors.

People sometimes wonder why Provape charges additional for the battery extension cap. Other manufacturers charge the same amount for battery extensions. For example, AltSmoke charges $25 for their Kick extension sleeve for the Silver Bullet. So instead of raising the overall price of a Provari across the board, Provape charges extra only for the above options to those customers who desire them. This keeps the basic Provari cost to a minimum for those on a budget.

There are a number of beauty rings available to dress up the Provari's top for a more flush look with certain juice attachments: ProRings as of 2013

The Provape Team Interview by Spinfuel Magazine
New Provari Owner - First Impression
Survival of the Fittest
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  1. brekec88's Avatar
    lol you should do reviews of other devices too. I don't own a provari, but I kinda feel like I do after reading this. Very informative.
  2. Mogy's Avatar
  3. Zphinx's Avatar
    Hello Baditude,

    I have a quick question, I just bought my very fist Provari, and its a Mini.

    Now having that said, I used to have and operate a Segeilei on which I was used to use POWER instead of Voltage.

    Could you give me a quick guidance (or PM me) on how to calculate the Voltage if I have a 2.0 Ohm Coil on a Kayfun?

    I used to vape at 10 Power sometimes a little less. I would like to figure out a way to calculate the numbers etc.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Baditude's Avatar
    Zphinx: Use the "Ohms Plus Two Formula". Whatever the ohms are, add the number "2", the sum will be the suggested voltage to start out with. Adjust up or down to taste and personal preference.

    2 ohms + "2" = 4 volts.
  5. ArtyPa's Avatar
    Well done and helpful.
  6. Spooky Mulder's Avatar
    Subbed to your blogs. Great Job. Saving my pennies for a provari now.
  7. smacksy's Avatar
    Great review Bad! This is what I was trying to say in my posts earlier..but you said it better!
  8. Knifemaker's Avatar
    I have a problem with my Provari. I can't seem to put it down. Almost as if it is glued to my hand. Two years now with it and I can find absolutely NOTHING of fault with it.

  9. deryk's Avatar
    Baditude, your review did sway me to a Provari V2.5 extended tube Chrome Blue...I had a Tesla and after 9 months it was acting up...I was iffy about just adjustable voltage but I haven't looked back!

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