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(15) Inexpensive Mechanical Mod/RDA Setup

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by , 08-05-2014 at 04:56 PM (6210 Views)
Many vapers are asking the best way to get into dripping on a mechanical mod and RBA without breaking their bank account. I've carefully chosen the following recommendations based on my experience which can provide an inexpensive quality setup, and added suggestions for the tools & supplies needed to make coils.

The Silver Bullet and IGO-W were my first mech mod and rebuildable drip atomizer which I still use on a daily basis. I'm using a dual microcoil build @ 0.6 ohms with organic cotton wick.

I strongly recommend building a single microcoil at 1.0 ohm for your first couple of builds. Once you get that down, you can learn to build dual coils and use lower resistance. Baby steps.

blogs/baditude/attachments/362258-15-inexpensive-mechanical-mod-rda-setup-silverveinsb.jpg blogs/baditude/attachments/370972-15-inexpensive-mechanical-mod-rda-setup-igo_w.jpg blogs/baditude/attachments/375892-15-inexpensive-mechanical-mod-rda-setup-dualcoil.jpg

Silver Bullet mechanical mod from AltSmoke. $85
A classic that's been around for years and continues to be a staple in many vapers' collection. USA made, so in the unlikely event should it need repair you can just send it to AltSmoke. Safer and more natural side fire button with a wired switch; recessed button prevents accidental autofiring unlike a bottom-fire button. Available in many colors. Kick extension sleeve available to use with the 18650 IMR battery should you decide to use a Kick. A fully mechanical Silver Bullet is also available. Silver Bullet Video Review

IGO-W rebuildable drip atomizer. $17
An inexpensive first RDA with three posts for single or dual coils. Does not come with a drip tip. The stock holes in the cap will need to be drilled out to be larger at some point for improved air flow.

Sony Vtc 30 amp IMR/hybrid batteries. $9-$13
Best, safest, and most versatile battery on the market. Don't skimp on batteries, they are the most important gear in your setup and potentially the most dangerous.

Battery charger:
Xtar, Nitecore Intellicharger, Pila, or Efest LUC. $17 - $50 depending on features.

You'll need a digital multimeter, or an ohm reader and a 510 voltage meter, to measure coil resistance and battery voltage. The digital multimeter or Omnitester does it all in one device. ~$20

Precision Screwdriver Set. $7
Used to wrap your coils and tighten your RDA post screws.

Stainless Steel Tweezer. $7
Used to compress the coil loops to make a microcoil along with a torch.

Mini Butane Torch. $8
Used to anneal Kanthal wire. Don't forget fuel for the torch.

Scissors, wire cutter, or nail clipper to cut wire and wicks.

Kanthal wire: $8
Available in different thicknesses (gauges). 28 gauge is usually recommended for novices.

Organic cotton balls, cellucotton (rayon) , or silica wick.

Information Resources for Your First RBA - please read this thoroughly before you begin to rebuild.

Ohm's Law Calculator - Insure that your measured coil resistance will not pull more amps than your battery's continuous amp rating. Always use 4.2 volts as the voltage (fully charged battery).

Coil Wrapping Calculator - Type in the appropriate info in the drop down menus and learn how many wraps for a particular resistance coil. Provides a graphic of how the finished coil should look.

Ohm's Law for Dummies - Learn to understand voltage, resistance, and amps here.

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    Job well done my friend!!!!! Tip of the hat to you.
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    Great info! Nice and concise. Thanks for taking the time.
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    Another great resource. I've added it to my database of links I can post for others!
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    A great post, thank you. The only thing I would say is that inexpensive ceramic tweezers, under $20, are available on eBay and I have found them better for being able to squeeze a coil when it is being fired.
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    great work man
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