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Catalan Cream (FA) Question - Recipe Troubles

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by , 03-25-2014 at 12:00 AM (395 Views)
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Thank you for clearing that up about the creams, and pulling all that information together. The only reason I ordered them from RTS was because they listed them as not have the custard notes (Acetoin) which I wanted to avoid. From now on I'll go directly to the manufacture for this information. I just created a ticket with RTS to see if they can clear this up, and at least change how they are advertising these.

Now, knowing I want to avoid acetoin, can you recomend a cream, sweet cream, or bavarian that you use which doesn't have the custard notes? I'm looking for the rich creaminess, or sweet cream addition to mixes.

Again, thanks for all the help.
'Glad to hear you opened a ticket!

To us, FA's Vienna Cream + a touch of FA's Fresh Cream fits the bill nicely. The Fresh cream is well-rounded and extremely "full", but is barely sweet. The Vienna Cream 'appromixmately matches' the sweetness of TFA's Sweet Cream. So, depending upon your full/cream : sweetness ratio, 1.25%-1.5% Vienna and .25% - .50% Fresh Cream (or thereabouts). You can't hurt yourselv with either of them.

All of FA's e-cig line are diacetyl/similar free...but not all of their Kitchen Magic line is. Again, go to the Flavourart site to gather data, and then check it against what the vendors are selling (because many vendors sell from both FA lines).

Some report that FA's Custard has a touch of lemon; others don't taste it (we've never tried that one). It's got great reviews and is free from the bad boys.

Other than TFA and FA, we've found no other vendors that are willing to back up their claims with proof of their claims. There are few that will "tell us" which flavors do/do not have them (and even at what percentages). But if you learn how to recognize the diacetyl/similar flavors (by mixing them with actual whipped cream and taste-testing them - see Flavorists Corner at TFA), you'll quickly become a skeptic regarding typical "vendor claims". (These flavors are VERY obvious once you know what they taste/smell like).

Other 'non-afflicted' flavors that add creaminess & sweetness (in various ways), that you can use in small percentages:

Cheesecake TFA
Marshmallow TFA (FA's Marshmallow is more like a european marshmallow/meringue; it's not gooey sweet/thick like American marshmallows)
Whipped Cream TFA (not FA)
Caramel Flavor TFA (not Caramel Candy or Caramel Original)
Irish Cream (FA)
Vanilla Swirl (TFA) spot-on "dairy queen soft serve"
French Vanilla (TFA) you already know/have
etc.,etc., you get the idea.

You're more than welcome! Happy mixing