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Protank Cotton Rebuild, the way I do it

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by , 03-28-2014 at 12:35 AM (236 Views)
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I got an inquiry from a pleasantly polite and interested blog reader on the unspoken enigma that troubles us vapers daily — How the hell do ya wick the thing???Because you know most everything don't fit into nothin' without bendin', squeezin', chockin' it, torchin' it or various and sundry loop-de-loops. To help I've been sharing how to build precise tensioned contact microcoils to fit wicks more exactly for many moons. And as I continue using stuff like silica, comparing it versus other wick media as it becomes available, I've found I actually enjoy or prefer some juices with these and in different devices. None of these are easy to thread neatly. So a bit back I gave it up with the following solution…And before I get any further along let me explain that rossum hinted a few posts later that it wasn't exactly cellophane that I might be talking about but the rather mundane and common kitchen plastic wrap. And so it is. It just works…

Good luck horton. Chime in anytime.

Hey Mac! Imma gonna blog this post just in case it could help any lurkers to my profile. Great idea by the way, I have tried it and it works like a champ!

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