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BloodFeastIslandMan's Red Hot

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by , 08-08-2009 at 01:32 AM (1045 Views)
Ecigsmokestore.comís Red Hot is easily one of the best flavors Iíve tried yet. It tastes exactly like Red Hots candy is pouring into your mouth, rolling across your taste buds exciting them into even believing that youíre drinking red hots. Itís just absolutely amazing, if you havenít tried red hots, itís like Aftershock without alcohol, or a SLIGHTLY milder version of atomic fireballs, same amount of flavor just not the ďheatĒ. Now, the throat hit is just fantastic, I mean itís like a nice clean jab to the throat but not harsh enough to make you cough. The amount of vapor is also fantastic, you can puff and blow rings all day with this stuff, itís just perfect for inhaling or just tasting. I wanted to make a video review for this flavor after all the hype about it but I cannot keep the freaking red hot soaked 510 out of my face long enough to describe it (not to mention I havenít figured out or found which video capture/editing software to use, suggestions would be much appreciated). So, basically what Iím saying is that if you like cinnamon, red hots, fireballs, or aftershock, get this juice immediatelyÖ.but not too much because if I run out, Iíll find youÖ..


  1. NoGood's Avatar
    Yes but they have locked up shop because of paypal.
    I don't think this is paypals fault but I could be wrong.
    Paypal may be worried about the fda crap so you can't use things like e-cig in your invoice.
    You have to play it smart or you're out.

    Now where else can I get this wonderful liquid???