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VolcanoEcigs Hardware (New and Upgraded)

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by , 10-19-2011 at 07:35 PM (358 Views)
[QUOTE=BlueVap0r;4379264]Hey Joe...
I'm having a bad experience with Volcano... What should I do?

I've been a big fan of Volcano. Great selection of products, great juices. But POOR customer service for the non walk-in customer ordering from an email address thousands of miles from their storefront.

I had paid for 2 day delivery and it took 6 days. They told me to take it up with the courier. I paid them and they paid the courier. It's their responsibility, they contracted the courier for those terms.

As for RMA of items, their process seems professional until you get the run-around of questions that don't seem to have anything to do with your issue. Or asking questions you've already answered in the ticket submission. Several emails later and they send you an email that is supposed to have a return label and it's not attached.

I'm done with them. I had enough. The RMA process is just a game you have to play to save your $20 bucks. I'd rather go to my local vape shop and buy an new eGo. Volcano made no attempt to apologize for any mistakes. I guess it's not their fault, it must be mine. They deleted my account and are not honoring my warranty.

There are so many places to buy the same quality products. You just have to shop around or know what to look for... My advice to others...Don't be hung up on branding and logos. Be a loyal customer to good businesses, good products and good service.

So I ask you Joe, should I just walk away? Or do I owe them an apology?

BlueVap0r in Maryland[/QUOTE]