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Not Gonna Buy Any More Premixed E-juice. EVER.

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by , 02-09-2012 at 02:36 PM (1059 Views)
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I couldn't have said it better myself (regarding what Mudflap originally posted). The only thing I will actually pay for is AVE Hype or Sweet Tart. I won't even go into commenting about the rest of the stuff on the market, & the 10 new "juice vendors" opening shop everyday. I'm sick of someone thinking they have some awesome DIY juice so they decide to open shop at their kitchen table. Yeah........I'm not buying it. I'm also not gonna buy their germs, the germs of their kids, pets, etc.

There are flavoring companies. Every vendor uses the same ones. It's no secret to us. These flavoring companies do not only sell wholesale, they also sell to the individual. I say we all go the DIY route. Personally I use Natures Flavors for my DIY because I prefer a VG base. If any type of face to face sale thing comes into play we are gonna have to DIY anyway. Why not get started now making your own creations?

Tripp, thanks for posting this. I would LOVE to copy and paste it onto every ejuice vendor's forum except for AVE's of course.

If anyone wants to trade some DIY stuff, I'd be more than happy. For example, i've mastered 3 juices from a very popular & expensive PINK vendor & I make them all vg based with organic flavoring. I've also got other creations........but you i'm starting to sound like a vendor. lol

:::This is no joke, I have literally seen an ejuice vendor talk about having to pick up food at the food bank. This is a very sad situation, but instead of making juice at their kitchen table, maybe they could go out and look for a job..........::::
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