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My silver bullet needs a vent hole STAT. Will AltSmoke put one in it?

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by , 02-23-2012 at 12:16 AM (1022 Views)
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Apparently there is a vent hole on the under side of the switch.........I've taken the top off as instructed, blown in it & it's airtight. My husband also tested it & it's airtight. Neither of us is noticing ANY sort of vent holes on the under side of the switch. I encourage ALL of you SB owners to take the top off the SB & try blowing in it........if it's airtight.......then there really is NOWHERE for that battery to blow. (I do notice there is a hole in the black area before you reach the switch......but this will NOT allow any battery to vent.) My husband is currently drilling 4 vent holes near the bottom of the SB so that if something happens the ventilation will be equal in all directions. Please check your mods.


  1. rolygate's Avatar
    If you stack two batteries in it you'll need more than that - three milled slots are needed. But for single battery use, with a sensible battery, some holes will be fine.

    A single battery mod is unlikely to blow unless you are really unlucky or do something stupid (we haven't heard of a 1-cell mod blowing yet). If it did, be aware that gas vent holes are a warning not a protection. You see and hear the gas venting, and maybe your hand gets burnt, so you drop it. Then it goes bang. A few holes are nowhere near enough to vent the gas produced.

    But anyway this is not a concern using 1 batt. If you are stacking batteries in there, then get 3 slots milled in the body, 50mm x 4mm. Stacking batts in the SB is against the maker's recommendation for a reason. The reason is, if something were by chance to go badly wrong, there is nothing to stop it going bang. Use 1 cell only, or do a proper machine shop job on it.