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WHY do you want to vape in public???

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by , 02-16-2014 at 03:46 PM (317 Views)
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The discussion / debates / information & opinion sharing over in the Why Vapers are getting a BAD NAME. thread has been great!

But... it has raised a question in my mind: WHY do you want to vape in public?

And the reasons I've seen so far are far and away compelling & logical.

But I personally have a motivation for wanting to vape in public that I have not seen yet:

I want to be a catalyst to saving a smokers' life.

When I find something that either brings emotional based joy to my life, or in this case, opportunity to bring great & wonderful physical benefit to my life, I want to tell the world!

For example, the experience of being involved in singing & Barbershop Harmony and my HarmonyTown Barbershop Chorus has brought untold riches & joy to my life. I spread the news and knowledge of Barbershopping at every opportunity.

Vaping is a way to literally save my life, and enhance my life beyond my wildest of fantasy or expectations (figured I'd die next to the ashtray with butt in-hand),

Of course, we all have recognized & embraced this wondrous tool & technology - that's why we are here in the ECF universe.

But what about the other smokers? I care about them too - and not just the ones I happen to be related to.

Shouldn't I try and help bring this 'discovery' to those who don't know yet?

To those who may be being persuaded by, and held back by the lies/deceptions/misinformation/propaganda?

Yes, yes and ($#*%(*& YES

Many ways to do this, from blogging / social networking / real world networking / letters to editors-politicans-etc / peititions / bumper stickers, etc etc etc.

NOTE: Join CASAA.org right now!!!

But one of the most influential & effective methods of spreading the word is by presenting opportunities for people to see, and to "vicariously" experience themselves. Influential & effective opportunities to learn & understand.

Vaping saves & enhances lives.

That is why I vape in public

How about you?

(ps - if you are about to suggest that I advocate for 'blowing clouds in faces', please do the adults here a favor and shut-up now & find somewhere else to to go. Thanks for your cooperation


  1. papapit's Avatar
    i dont know.. vaping in public... hmmmm?? for me its just like when i smoked regular ciggs... when you need nicotine you need nicotine.. the other cool thing is.. i have had people come up and ask me where they could get one... if it really works to help the cravings.. so on and so forth.. so i guess its a lil bit of helping educate and just keeping me from having a nic fit.. lol i actually carry a piece of paper in my wallet now with all the websites for my vape.. i get asked that much... i would like to think in the back of my mind.. that 2 out of every 10 atleast try it.. lol so i feel as though i have done my good dead for the day..
  2. Sardonic's Avatar
    ....because it's "public" and the final frontier of freedom (for now) Unless it's directly affecting someone in a negative way, there shouldn't even be a question. If I have to look at saggy pants and nose rings all day, everybody around me can look at a sigelei with a Kayfun 3.1 on it. That is all.