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Fantastic Garden City Michigan B&M store - The Vape Select

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by , 02-17-2014 at 04:42 AM (752 Views)
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Earlier today I was on my way to a brick & mortar (B&M) vape store I had found a listing for in a search, when I ran across a brand new store that has only been open a few days.

This is one of very very few in the west suburbs of Detroit yet, so I turned around and went to check it out.

The Vape Select

Not much in the way of hardware just yet, and they are very much into the Innokin product lines.

At this point, they only have 1 line of juices - made in Gaylord Michigan, but was a little pricey at $10 / 15ml. They have 2 more juice lines coming, one at the "value" price-point, and the other at the "premium" prices.

One thing I was hoping to see, and did see, was a nice product selection for the 'starter kits'.

They had good offerings at each of the $30, $40, $50 & $60 prices. Most were Innokin products, and one that wasn't (don't remember), but, overall good prices & specs on the kits.

This is important to me to be able to refer people that I talk with to, who are usually looking for a local source of products.

One item I specifically wanted to check out was the MVP V2.0 - and it is $60. Same as at Mt. Baker Vapor and less than 3 other online vendors I have seen.

A couple more items I remember prices for are iTaste 16 tanks - $3.99, 5 pack KangerTech branded coil heads - $8

I'm also very impressed with Mikey's technical knowledge, and sense that he works to fit a customer up with the right level of hardware for them (doesn't oversell them!) According to his partner Jimmie, he's very passionate about everything vaping

Overall I'm giving these guys (Mikey & Jimmie) 2 major thumbs-up, and more importantly, I feel very comfortable with referring potential converts and newbies to them.

Sidebar: B&M stores gives the consumer something the online vendors can't: the opportunity to touch & feel the products.

I feel a whole lot better in my decision to save up my $$'s to upgrading to an MVP, now that I've held one in my hand. And yes, the VTR is a monster handful, the i30 is way cooler in person, and some of those others really do look like they came from the s_x shops!

Observations that can only come from the in-person experience of B&M stores.

So now the Westside of Detroit now has the best of both worlds: a promising local store, and the power of online!