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A Concise History of the War on E-Cigs & Vaping

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by , 05-06-2014 at 04:42 PM (258 Views)
Uma said it so very well, I just had to preserve this for quick and ready reference for those haven't been paying attention since the first shots were fired in the his dual-front-war.

The war to preserve smoking
The war against the insurgent technologies that threaten to obsolete cigarette smoking

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I'm new here and don't know the politics.
Most of it is in the legislature forum here at ECF.
In the 2009 era, the eCigs were becoming popular here in the states. Big Pharma didn't like that one little bit. So the FDA began their illegal seizure of incoming products at customs. A few eCig companies took the FDA to court. Judge Leon told the FDA to knock it off, they are not a big Pharma product, if anything they'd be a tobacco product but they're not that either unless of course you, the FDA deems them as such.
The FDA lawyer gasps and exclaims "your honor! But what about their (BP) investments?" (Paraphrased). So, the FDA lost that battle for their bedfellow, big Pharma. (The FDA loves their testing fees for each product).

Meanwhile, the media is flooded with nonsense stories from the ANTZ about the eCigs. The push was on, to get them banned. Everyone from the MSA/TSET, AG's, big Pharma sluts who push big Pharma drugs & live off grants & smoke taxes got in on the ban wagon. They are unofficially officially called banstabators, btw.

As time goes on, the eCigs become so popular that even Forbes does a Holy End Run article, about the new billion dollar industry.
The next day or so, the attorney generals (AG's) of many states get together, sign a letter, begging the FDA to hurry up and deem them as tobacco products so they can begin super taxing them like smokes. Then they begin their "save the children" campaign, accusing adults of being a flavorless society and declaring that only minors like Flavors.
With that said, the ANTZ push forward with their ban plots, taxing plots, etc.

Meanwhile, eCigs become really really really popular, due to all the ANTZ false advertising. ECigs are in the news night and day. Naturally, smoke sales drop drastically-er. They now drop so far that the next headline reads "smoke sales down, profits way up!". (Para). PANIC!! The senators get on the horn and demand for the eCigs to be included in the 1997 MSA. (Master settlement agreement).

Why did they do that you ask? Because the big tobacco companies (BT) are profiting despite their sales loss, because they now have less legal fees... they now don't have to give the MSA money for every cigarette sold, because the MSA is based on anything equal to or over the grandfathered 1997 sales. For the first time, sales are below 1997!

Oh, boy. The polls all show that everyone is fine and dandy over vaping, except of course the MSA, TSET, BP, and AG's. So, now the cronies demonize SHS and THS again, to re- raise the brainwashed fear in the masses, so the cronies can more easily convince the brainwashed masses that vapor, SHV, and THV are just as bad, dangerous, whatever as the SHS. The funny part about that, is that records show that SHS was tossed out of court by judge Osteen in 1998.(?) due to cherry picked nonsense data. Yet the media still enjoys running ANTZ versions of the outcome, loves watching people get fired from their jobs, catch pneumonia in the rain, go homeless, etc, because the ANTZ love controlling behaviors of the brainwashed masses.

Including vapor in with smoking is the icing on the cake for them.
No vaping wherever smoking is not allowed. Work, public areas, parks, sports, cars, and private homes.

But what about the MSA funds, you may ask. Well, after BT and the eCigs go belly up, BP swoops in and gets the nicotine all to themselves. They like to patent their pills, and have plans for beneficial nicotine. Smart pills, Alzheimer's Meds, Parkinson's Meds, ADHD Meds, .., etc... Smokers & or Vapers who were able to control their neurological disorders before, will now have to rely on BP. Yippee eh.
Another thought, is that BT & BP will continue playing their roller coaster game consisting of on the wagon with BP smoking cessation products, off the wagon & back on smokes, on/off, on/off... It's been quite a happy game for them to date.
There are other thoughts too, but these seem to be the most often spoken.

MSA = Master Settlement Agreement
TSET = Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust
BP = Big Pharma
AG = Attorney General
SHS = Second hand Smoke
THS = Third hand smoke
SHV = Second hand Vapor
THV = Third Hand Vapor.

MSA beget TSET
TSET beget ALA, TFK, ACS, & all the "non-profit" smoking cessation clubs turned lobbyists.
BP has an interesting lineage on their own, all the way down to the Robert wood Johnson foundation.
CDC also has an interesting lineage with board persons on BP firms, according to some. (I would have to research deeper to see. Update: Dr. David Satcher. Plus there is more about CDC at dr. Michael Seigel blog here http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/...ding-from.html )
RWJf has lineage into Obamacare, etc...
FDA has lineage as well, even Monsanto lineage, .. Will need to gather the specific data, but it's out there.
It's a small world, after all. <insert music here>