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What vape nicotine levels equate to in Cigarettes and dealing with coughing when starting to vape

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by , 06-20-2014 at 11:46 AM (475 Views)
Baditude is a wealth of information, and here's a post that captures some great insight to 2 questions that new vapers have:

  1. What nicotine level should I start with?
  2. How to deal with vape that is causing me to cough?

Note: check out Baditude's blogs - more great stuff!

Quote Originally Posted by Baditude View Post
Everyone's advice seems to be on point.

Everyone coughed when they first starting inhaling the smoke from cigarettes. Our body adapted to the smoke and the coughing went away for the most part....until the long term effects of smoking began to take its toll.

Many people cough when they take up vaping. It's normal and to be expected. Once we adapt to the vapor, the coughing will go away.

The amount of nicotine in the e-liquid can affect coughing. Nicotine is what causes what we call the "throat hit", or that peppery sensation in our throats when we smoked or vape. (Pg, or propylene glycol, in the eliquid can also cause this to a lesser degree.) Using the correct concentration of nicotine is important. Typical vape shop recommendations are the following:

10 cigs a day = 6 mg nicotine
20 cigs a day = 12 mg nicotine

30 cigs a day = 18 mg nicotine
40 cigs a day = 24 mg nicotine

Many of the disposable e-cigs only offer low, medium, or high nicotine. Who knows what nicotine concentration that works out to? Going to a good reliable vape B&M shop which has a juice sample bar is the best way to find a good flavor e-liquid.

The nicotine in vapor is a different size molecule than the nicotine in smoke. Most will be absorbed in the mouth, throat, and nasal passage ways. A proper mouth inhale technique is important. (Not really required to inhale into the lungs at all initially.)

I advise novices to imagine sucking on a straw in a milkshake. Use the cheek muscles, draw in a mouthfull of vapor. Whether to exhale immediately, or to inhale into the lungs for a cigarette-like experience is one's choice. When exhaling, exhale some through the nose for more absorption, and to better enjoy the flavor of the vapor.

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