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My journey into becoming a non-smoker.

Cutting back slowly.

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by , 07-04-2014 at 12:27 PM (252 Views)
[FONT=century gothic]So this a.m I am doing it slowly so far only two analogs when normally I would have 5 by now. Did go up in my mg with my liquid so think that this is helping allot. I did buy a usb pass through so I can vape and not kill my batteries in my mods. The one side effect that I am seeing is I have a headache and wondering if this is normal? I drink tons of water so positive that I am not dehydrated here. I never realized that by cutting back that I would be coughing up so much junk from my lungs. If anyone prays out there pray I can kick this addiction. It is so hard not to just light up when my body is screaming it needs one. :unsure:[/FONT]