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My journey into becoming a non-smoker.

Trying to get through the morning without an analog

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by , 07-08-2014 at 09:54 PM (365 Views)
So this morning tried very hard to not have that analog with my first cup of coffee, complete fail at that one. :(Still cut way back on them but have to say first thing in the morning is the worst. :grr:Going to try again in the a.m. Thinking about putting the pack I bought Friday in the car and seeing if the out of site out of mind thing works.
What amazes me is the fact that I still have most of the pack and not bought another one yet. My hope is to be done with the smoking for once and for all. I can now honestly vape on break with the smokers and not light up, so one step forward one step back. Great things start with small steps. So my journey continues.
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  1. mountaingal's Avatar
    It takes me about 20 mins of vaping in the AM to feel I can make it through without a cig. And I quit two years + ago. I use 2.4%nic juice. Read an interesting article here about how cig companies put chocolate in cigs to keep us more addicted. Makes sense to me as I have used choc/hazelnut/tobacco blend from the beginning. Try looking for NET (naturally extracted tobacco) juices, it may help to calm the nervousness of no cigs.
  2. TourCatt's Avatar
    I agree....the morning is hard.....I think for me it's a mental thing; something that was routine that I never thought about. Now that I am trying to quit, I am noticing how much of a routine it was. It was sorta like, If This Then That! Lol.......