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Fixing The MVP/VV3 Contact Issues - a guide

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by , 05-31-2014 at 10:37 PM (2251 Views)
The MVP and VV3 are widely considered some of the best values for a VV/VW mod in the current market. They do however have one glaring flaw with the 510/ego connection and contact with the pin inside the connection. This will result in the device reading strange resistances, or no resistance at all and failing to fire the topper. The ego threading also appears to be to deep so as to block off the air holes on some clearo's and is often the suspected culprit for pushing the contact pin down to far.

Outlined below are currently the 5 most popular fixes for the contact issue garnered from the pages of the MVP and VV3 owners groups. This will include the 510/ego adapter fix, the device pin lift fix, topper pin adjustment fix, circuit board spacer fix and the washer/O-ring fix. I personally run an ego/510 adapter to fix this issue and I have also lifted the pin when I did not want the extra space the adapter adds. The other methods were reported by member of the MVP and vv3 owners groups.

*510/ego Adapter Fix:

The easiest and in my opinion most secure fix is the 510/ego adapter (or 510/510 connector). You just screw it on and you are done with it. It also solves the problem of the ego threading being to long and blocking the air holes of some toppers. The main disadvantage is that it adds almost a half inch to the height of the device.

Here are pictures of a VV3 with the adapter installed and then with beauty ring and T2.

An example of a 510/ego adapter can be found here 510 Battery to eGo Atomizer Adapter

*Pin Raise Fix:

This fix involves raising the contact pin on the MVP so it will again make contact with the pin on the topper. This is accomplished by slipping a small item such as a jewelers screw driver of a large sewing needle down in between the wall of the 510 connector and the contact pin and lifting on the center pin. You then work your way around the device lifting on the pin until it is up the MM or two that you need to make contact again. The primary weakness of this fix is it is temporary and the next time you screw down a device that is just a tiny bit longer than the others, it will drive the pin back down and when you switch back you will have to raise the pin again.

Here is a good video example of lifting a center pin on an ego battery. It is the same process for our devices.

*Pin Pull Fix:

This fix involves adjusting the pin of your topper. Grasping and and gently pulling on the pin will adjust it out so it can again make contact with the device pin. Some have had luck wrapping cloth thread under the pin to keep it extended. If you pull to far and it comes out don't freak out, just put it back in, screwing the topper back on will self-adjust the pin and it slides back in as necessary. The down side of this fix is that it does not work on all toppers and it may only be temporary as the pin may push back up or the device pin may slip further down.

Here is a picture of a contact pin being adjusted I garnered from the internet

Here are pictures from member Oldseer and a link to his string wrap tutorial http://http://www.e-cigarette-forum....batteries.html.

*Circuit Board Spacer Fix:

This fix uses a spacer to maintain contact between the pins. A small circuit board spacer is simply placed down on top of the device pin and then the topper is screwed in place. The down side of this is that these little spacers are little and easy to loose. This fix may also still allows a long topper to drive the pin down thus needing more spacers.

Here are some pictures by member Keirster showing a spacer sitting on an MVP and then installed

An example of these spacers can be seen here Circuit Board Spacer

*The O-ring/Washer Fix:

This fix involves using a spacer placed under the firing pin to raise it up for contact. The pin on the device is raised above the 510 well using a similar technique as the pin raise fix but going much higher. Then either a washer of o-ring is installed under the contact pin to prevent it from being drive to far down. A size 60 O-ring fits well. This is a new fix and trials are still in progress but so far no negative issues have been reported with this method.

Here are picture by member granty of the raised pin and the a shot of an o-ring installed.

Link to Granty's post iTaste MVP v2 Owners Group


And there you have the 5 most common fixes for the MVP/VV3 contact issue. I'll issue the standard disclaimer that these are fixes that have worked for other members. I take no responsibility for your device and YMMV.

I hope one of these ideas will help you solve that pesky contact problem but frankly, we should not have to be fixing new devices. I implore each and every one of you to take just a moment to drop Innokin a note on this issue. They have proven responsive to product feed back in the past and if they hear about this problem from enough users, I am sure they will respond. Hopefully, one day this post will be as helpful as my MVP button wobble fix post is today

Contact Innokin about this issue at

Happy Vaping,


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