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I have a new toy!

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by , 11-19-2013 at 04:32 PM (440 Views)
Twice a week, I play gigs with my band at the oldest bar in Miami; Tobacco Road. Next to the bar is my local vape shop; I usually stop in to see whats new. I've been eyeing the Tesla kit for a few weeks now. So last Saturday I bought it, and it's is vaping like a champ! It came with; two 18650 2200mah batteries, a charger; a dct 6mil carto tank, and two 1.5 ohm cartomizers, and a free 10 mil of e-juice. All for about $140, which I think is pretty good considering all that came with It. Its all because of the lightsaber look the Tesla has. I ju
st love it! Now all I need is a decent mech, and I will be happy... but I still want a Provari, just because.
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  1. joeybear's Avatar
    Excellent! Does it hit like a beast? Ice tried one with a Benny and loved it. I like the way it felt in my hand whereas my friend who owned it didn't like the button placement
  2. Captain_puffs's Avatar
    The fire button is perfect! The plus, minus bottons are in a horrible spot! Why they put them above the screen makes no sense! But I can look past that minor design flaw. Because yes... it hits like a beast!!!