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Some things I cant get understand yet

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by , 06-21-2014 at 03:22 AM (257 Views)
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Hi Spencer!

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So, Im THINKING about buying an APV, possibly the smoktech zmax.... or innoken MPV 2.0

Anyways, Heres the things i still cant get my head around in order of importance.
Please help.

1) Tanks... whats a bottom coil system, and How come I dont seem to see wicks for them... so they need wicks.... where do you find them.... and ... how do i get replacement coils for them...
Depending on the type of tank, the bottom coil wick is relatively small, or even hidden. They do need wicks, as the liquid needs to be drawn to the coil to be vaporized. You may need to google your type of tank (which you don't mention) to find out which coil works for it. Top-coil tanks need the longer wicks to defy gravity (because the liquid is settled in the bottom of the tank) in order to draw the fluid to the heating element.

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2) Batteries... 18650 and 18650B are the same? does it matter which MaH I get?
Sorry - don't use these types of batteries. Again, google or do search within the forum. maH (milliamp Hours) is an indication of the amount of time needed between recharging. There's no "set" amount of time - it all depends on how much you use the battery. However, as an example, the iTaste VV3 is an 800 maH device, and the MVP2 is a 2600 maH device. Presuming the same amount of usage, you should expect the MVP to last about 3 times longer between charges than the VV3.

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3) What is so special about Variable Voltage and Wattage? What does a Higher Voltage and Wattage do.... and how does it effect the Vape? Flavor? more of a cloud? Like, Explain... Low V + low W, High V+ High W, Low Voltage +High Wattage, High Voltage + Low Wattage and Mid for both....
Ohm's Law: V(oltage) = I(amps) * R(esistance). W(attage) = V(oltage)^2 / R(esistance) Your coil head resistance is your "fixed" variable. Therefore if you vape at a higher wattage, you'll need more voltage to drop across the resistance, which then pulls more amps (and potentially drains the battery more quickly) If you fix the wattage, then you can substitute different resistance coil heads and change the vape experience. Everyone's experiences are different. Some folks like "warmer" vapes - usually needing more current draw through the coil. With the variable devices, you can "dial in" on what works best for you. If you drop higher voltage across your coil, you do pull more current, which can potentially burn your juice or fry your wick. If you don't drop enough voltage across the coil, you won't be able to atomize/vaporize the liquid, and you could flood your tank or simply not create any vapor. (Side note - on a VV/VW device, you only set ONE of the options, you cannot set both variable voltage AND variable wattage - the electrical theory just won't work because your resistance is one of the fixed variables in the equation.)

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4) Explain tanks... like, With my Cleaomizer, I have the plastic, the thing in the middle that also has the threading, and the thing that comes off... that has the wicks in it, Are the wicks the coils? And what is an Atomizer?
"Clearomizer" is typically a name for a tank with replaceable (possibly rebuildable) coil heads (and you can see through it.) The "thing in the middle" is either the air channel through which vapor is being drawn, or if this is a "Cartomizer", this is the equivalent of the "coil/atomizer" in a "clearomizer" tank. The atomizer is a term for the heating element which vaporizes (atomizes) the liquid. I have seen atomizer/coil used interchangeably.) Wicks are the material that typically runs through a coil (think of the shape of a slinky) that allows the liquid to be heated and vaporized. Wicks may be made of silica, cotton, ekowool, hemp, etc. I've just recently read that a type of rayon is being used as a wick. (Again, refer to your specific tank for what this doo-dad looks like)

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5) I know what dripping is, But, How to do it... Because, I assume, that you need some kind of seperate system.... How many drops gets how many puffs, and how can you know when its empty, Dont the wicks need to be wet? Isnt that the point of a Drip tip... so that you can....drip...? Can i do it with ANY e cig??
Drip with ANY e-cig, I don't think so, but not 100% sure. A dripper is a tank-like topper, but holds very little juice - just basically enough to keep the wick wet long enough to take a few puffs. You then have to "drip" more liquid to continue vaping, or you will dry out (burn up) the wick. The "drip tip" is basically the mouthpiece through which you puff. I suppose you could try to put liquid in through that hole (but only with a dripping topper), but that's probably not very convenient.

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I think that most flavor is important.
To achieve "most flavor" you have to take a number of factors into consideration - typically the PG/VG ratio - higher PG will help "carry" more flavor in the vape. You also have to consider the Wattage and/or Voltage and/or Resistance of the coil/atomizer. Again, what you like will be very different than what I like, so there is no definitive answer, other than your own tastebuds.

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Maybe this is the wrong section, and its long, but...

kinda want to know the info... The most info Ive been able to find is all the terms, and I have to sort through them, and they dont really have much information.... 1 is by far the most hard to get, also dont get 3
:EDIT: You added a new question after I got done

Ohms are the measure of resistance that the coil wire has to the current which needs to flow in order to generate the heat to vaporize the liquid. Some devices will not fire if the coil resistance is too low (e.g. MVP isn't supposed to fire with coil resistance below about 1.0-1.2 ohms.) Per the Ohm's Law discussion above, lower resistance needs higher voltage drop in order to allow for enough current to flow to heat the coil. However, devices/batteries have certain limits in which they'll work *SAFELY*. The MVP is rated for 11.0 W max - it's voltage limit is 5.0 V max - doing the math yields the 1.0-1.2 ohm minimum resistance. Too much resistance, and you can't get enough voltage drop (current flow), and you'll never heat the coil

Hope that helps

Another thing to take a screen shot of.... If I Stop hanging out on so many threads that is.