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Best topper of the year.... Full stop.

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by , 05-03-2014 at 07:54 PM (190 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Choc_Addic View Post
Kayfuns in it's varied versions, be it clones or not. May even be called different names like aqua.

Can there be any improvements made to its design, built?

  • Easy to set up even for novices.
  • Great taste and flavor.
  • Can become smoke-stacks if you are inclined. Experience required.
  • Built like a tank. Even in the cheapest of clones.
  • Multitude of parts available allows for great customization. Gold? Black? Clear? Coloured? No problem.
  • Leak proof. Will leak if you mess up but it will happen only once.
  • Great bottom feed/vacuum assist designs that is copied over and over which eliminates dry burn conditions. Less is more here. Less wick materiel will stop wick issues

  • Heavy. Makers needs to make the parts a bit lighter.
  • Big. In addition to mini kit, we need mid kit.
  • No Glass tank. Only in SS or PMMA tanks. At least I have not seen one.
  • Easier filling. Like pull out plug with seal that allows filling without having screw driver.
  • Unwieldy on EGO type smaller batteries.

My wish: someone make a smaller version like "in the Protank mini size but with bigger built deck which uses the whole base as a build deck".
Please add your wish list here.
Happy 2014!