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  1. Mr Furley's Avatar
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    Sure, I will when I think it's good enough... are you on e-liquid-recipes.com?
  2. rolygate's Avatar
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    Yep. Just stay with it and see if you can find a solution that not only allows you to avoid cigarettes but also ends up with you preferring vaping.

    Reducing the nicotine or flavor load is secondary to that.

    Quitting vaping is a long way after that.
  3. OVO Kyle's Avatar
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    perfect! what a great idea
  4. Bill's Magic Vapor's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Furley
    I've been working on a Cotton Candy Pluot flavor (Plum, Apricot, EM & some lemon juice), made a new 0nic batch for mixing the other night, gonna try to make it Fantastico!
    Do you have a recipe you would kindly share? Good luck with the Fantastico!
  5. Mr Furley's Avatar
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    I've been working on a Cotton Candy Pluot flavor (Plum, Apricot, EM & some lemon juice), made a new 0nic batch for mixing the other night, gonna try to make it Fantastico!
  6. Bill's Magic Vapor's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Furley
    sounds great brother! what % do you use of the Cream Fantastico when you mix it with other flavors?
    Start with 50/50 and taste test. Adjust up or down to suit your taste sensibilities. It won't be that hard to figure out. Good luck!
  7. Mr Furley's Avatar
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    sounds great brother! what % do you use of the Cream Fantastico when you mix it with other flavors?
  8. Cullin Kin's Avatar
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    Heres the rest as the first post was too long lol

    Challenge 81: A picture of your setup with your favorite celebrity.

    Challenge 82: Post a picture of your set-up with something that has to do with one of your hobbies (not including vaping).

    Challenge 83: Pic of your mod by an aquarium: Koi pond, Zoo with those big fish aquarium, etc. if your home one is a wow then that'll count

    Challenge 84: Your mod next to something that represents your state, like the flag, or a pic of the state on a map. or you can creative with it and do it next your state flower, animal, etc.

    Challenge 85: A pic of you pv/mod with something you over paid for.

    Challenge 86: Post a picture of your mod with something you won. It can be from any sort of situation, like a contest, or an argument, anything.

    Challenge 87: Picture of a vapor ring with a PV in the pic as well! This one my take a few tries!

    Challenge 88: Post a pic of you and your mod on a balcony; want to see that hotel/apartment scenery, ha ha!

    Challenge 89: Take a photo of your PV next to your favorite pair of shoes.

    Challenge 90: A picture of your setup with a sentence in a language that is not English or your native tongue. It can be hand written or typed on Google translate (or any translator for that matter).

    Challenge 91: Take a photo of your PV with a picture you draw that best describes your personality... doesn't have to be a million dollar painting

    Challenge 92: Take a picture of your mod next to your most interesting movie theater ticket stub...old, New...posters choice.

    Challenge 93: Post a picture of your PV with the moon in the background.

    Challenge 94: A picture of your setup with a hand drawn drawing of you taking a picture of your mod for a challenge in this thread.

    Challenge 95: Post a picture of your PV with your favorite hot (spicy) sauce.

    Challenge 96: A pic of your mod next to your personal "best cup of coffee," whether it's a cappuccino, or simply your cup of joe you drink every morning.

    Challenge 97: A picture of your mod with a hero of yours (can be a picture)

    Challenge 98: A picture of your setup with something of yours that you use only during winter.

    Challenge 99: show your progression in vaping. a pic of your first vape next to your current mod(s).

    Challenge 100: Yay, I was hoping I could create the 100th challenge! Post a picture of your setup representative of time long past. i.e. Grade school year book, the original Pokémon cards, something about an old tv show, anything that was from when you were young.

    Challenge 101: Take a pic with you fishing; hunting; anything outdoors.

    Challenge 102: Take a pic with your favorite 1980's Movie.

    Challenge 103: A pic of your mod next to a white computer mouse or laptop

    Challenge 104: A picture of your mod next to a Beanie Baby.

    Challenge 105: A picture of your rig with a fall or Halloween decoration

    Challenge 106: Post a pic with your mod next to your favorite beverage, mixed or not

    Challenge 107: post a pic with your mod with a pic of your favorite Vape Vender.

    Challenge 108: A picture of your mod next to a broom

    Challenge 109: A pic of your mod next to something that represents your favorite sport.

    Challenge 110: Favorite Halloween character and your mod.

    Challenge 111: Take a pic of your mod with your gaming console (Xbox One or.... Ps4)

    Challenge 112: A pic of your mod in the clouds!

    Challenge 113: Picture of your device next to your coffee cup

    Challenge 114: Pic of your mod at a STOP SIGN.

    Challenge 115: A picture of your setup with an engine

    Challenge 116: Take a pic of your PV with your pet

    Challenge 117: Post a pic with your mod beside your favorite video game!

    Challenge 118: It might have been done but take a picture of your PV and your favorite drink

    Challenge 119: Picture of your PV next to a unique house temperature device indoor or outdoor is fine (digital thermometer, thermostat, those glass tubes with the floating temperature number things - NO car displays, too easy)

    Challenge 120: Your setup next to a laundry basket full of dirty laundry.

    Challenge 121: Take a pic with your current build and your PV... I don't know if you can just show your current build on the PV your using or you can take the rda off and take a pic of both.

    Challenge 122: Take a picture of your PV next to a home baked cake, pie or other sweet creation.

    Challenge 123: Take a pic of your PV next to or with the street sign of your neighborhood.

    Challenge 124: A picture of your setup with an advisory label of some sort.

    Challenge 125: A pic of your set up near a fire/smoke alarm.

    Challenge 126: Take a picture of your set-up with all (or some) of the things you carry daily in the picture (wallet/purse, phone, keys, etc).

    Challenge 127: Take a picture of your mod in front of your entire juice collection.

    Challenge 128: Take a pic of your mod with a pciture (on a laptop/smartphone) of the next piece of vape gear you're saving up for.

    Challenge 129: Take a picture of your set-up with the last DVD/BluRay that you purchased (have the actual DVD/BluRay in the picture).
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  9. Soignee's Avatar
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    My sister is a NY State Trooper so I can completely empathize with you! Thanks for what you do! I'd send you a mod, but I'm broke!
  10. Uncle's Avatar
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    Yep - Already mentioned in the blog that each Airport has their own policy concerning the use of "E-Cigarettes". . . So - If "You" want to make sure it is very important to call the airport customer service ahead of time to find out and/or to be extremely discrete even use an Unflavored/No Odor "E-Liquid" if "You" should try to "Stealth-Vape" . . . Just Sayin' . . .
    Updated 09-28-2014 at 02:47 PM by Uncle
  11. chopdoc's Avatar
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    Ok, I quit smoking from vaping. Then I went zero nicotine two weeks later and started having severe bouts of exhaustion. I googled this and it said it was from nicotine withdrawals and the symptoms could last up to six months. I started using mild amounts of nicotine again and the bouts of exhaustion stopped immediatly.
    If I wasnt getting nicotine from smoking then why the withdrawals from nicotine when I used zero nicotine ejuice?
  12. The Ocelot's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knirps
    Oh. My. God.

    Why is this not easier to find? Why did I have to wade through years old posts and seven different subforums just to find a simple guide to dripping?

    Thank you so much for typing this up, it is absolutely amazing.

    This site really throws me for a loop sometimes, that these guides and such aren't the first things that are given to new vapers and instead we are thrown into a wall of links to text posts, derailed rant threads, and adverts about the best stores/brands, etc. Stuck using that horrible search 'function'...

    Anyway, yes, thank you! Now I feel confident in purchasing a 510 atty and using it. Also, thanks for the anti-dry burn vote... It's one of the first things you read, everywhere on this forum, when looking up cleaning, maintaining, or flavor switching and it is BAD ADVICE! I had to purchase new coils for like 3 of my tanks because of bad advice...
    I've glad I could be of help. I agree the blogs are hard to find, but if you read a comment by a member you think is interesting look at their avatar. If they write blogs it will be listed and you just click on them.

    Dry burning is an odd thing. I dry burn, but only coils I have built myself. They aren't inside of a tank or anything, just the coil attached to the pos/neg posts and no wick. I pulse fire to burn off juice gunk.

    I can't grasp the idea of dry burning a unit you can't take apart or at least take the wick out. When I first started vaping I was told to dry burn clearos - there are even videos about it - but mine never tasted right after I did. Fortunately (well actually it isn't, but anyway) I like very few juices, so I just dedicated one juice to one clearo. I would keep filling the clearo up until it tasted yucky, then throw it away. No matter what method I tried to clean them it never worked, so I bought really cheap CE4s. This was before you could change the heads. Now when I use a Protank or similar device I still dedicate one flavor to one tank, but when it tastes yucky I clean it out and put in a new head. I put the old heads in bag to rebuild someday. I like building coils, but Kanger heads, while not difficult, bore the heck out of me.
  13. Bill's Magic Vapor's Avatar
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    Use it all the time myself! Good luck, Tim!
  14. Bassnorma's Avatar
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    Terrific Bad!!! It's funny, I was just thinking today that it would be great to have these all in one place...I have navigated to your profile so many times to find your blogs that I fear you will think I am stalking you! LOL
  15. Iain68's Avatar
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    Great video, new to this and didn't have a clue until now, thanks
  16. Dixie1954's Avatar
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    This will be my fav I miss my Doublemint gum
  17. deryk's Avatar
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    Baditude, your review did sway me to a Provari V2.5 extended tube Chrome Blue...I had a Tesla and after 9 months it was acting up...I was iffy about just adjustable voltage but I haven't looked back!

  18. Baditude's Avatar
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    @ Fictitious Character. Battery classification and labels are very loosely thrown around by vendors and consumers alike. Technically, all lithium batteries are Li-ion, including Li-Mn (IMR) and all of the IMR/hybrid batteries which includes NCR (Panasonic hybrid) and INR (Samsung hybrid) batteries. It's admittedly confusing, and I'm often not sure at times under what sub-classification a battery falls under.

    The Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mah battery is an IMR/hybrid battery, with a 6.8 amp continuous discharge rating. Like the NCR18650B 3400 mah battery, it is not considered a high drain battery, but it is a safe chemistry battery. Their mixed chemistry is heavily weighted to the ICR side, and performance-wise they should be considered more of a low-drain ICR battery than an high drain IMR battery. These batteries were designed for flashlights. To be blunt, there are better batteries than these for a regulated mod.
    Updated 09-19-2014 at 08:37 AM by Baditude
  19. Fictitious Character's Avatar
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    Nicely written and very helpful on the question I was wondering about on the difference between L-ion and LiMn batteries.

    Are there an older version of vtc's that are Li-ion? I was just wondering because I almost ordered 4 of the Xstar re branded vtc4 from Battery Junction but noticed that they are Li-ion. Are these types more just flashlight batteries with the same vtc4 name? Or are they old stock?

    Needing to pick up another 4 vtc's for a IVP3 dual battery regulated box mod that I am waiting on. I currently use vtc 4's because they did not have the 5's when I needed them and then I just kind of stuck with them.

    Wife uses the panasonic 3100 3.7 18650 but I am not finding clear specs on them and I am considering replacing them as they are Li-ion as well. She uses them in a VTR a regulated 15 watt box mod. Any info on the panasonics?

    We use a 4 bay nitecore intelcharger. I unplug it when not in use to just to be safe.

    Anyways thanks again for taking the time to write this.
  20. David Brown's Avatar
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    What I smell is someone taking comments from a closed thread that were made to at least 3 different people and attempt to make it look like one conversation with one other person. And you even included the typo since we know you have never hit the wrong key when they are right next to each other

    Yeah what I smell is what you smell at the livestock barn at the county fair
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