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JD on the rocks and a DSE601 please :)

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by , 07-19-2009 at 01:05 PM (883 Views)
Looking for the ultimate chill out e-cig, well then the DSE601 is here to help. Get yourself some JD on the rocks, a bit of cigar flavor from Eastmall and fire up that pipe. There isn't much else to say vapor = good, throat hit = good, flavor = yummy, battery life = around 4 hours for me. Take 2 small primer puffs and then a nice smooth inhale, and you're in heaven. I don't really like that glittery stuff on the cap where the light is but other then that I have no complains, at 42 USD a piece the atomizers are a bit pricey, but I have yet to see an atomizer fail, well one but that was DOA (Ed over at eastmall sorted me out though). This is the only device I own that even comes close to the SD. And unlike the DSE701 you can take short gentle drags, where as if I did that on the cigar, there was no vapor, and my lungs actually had to work overtime to get any sort of vapor out of that damn thing. If you decide to buy one of these you wont regret it.
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