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Building Kayfun Lite Nano - Cotton Nest PT2

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by , 03-29-2014 at 07:30 PM (1961 Views)
......Unroll a cotton Ball and cut a length to the Base Diameter.

Cut this piece along the length into 3 strips. Only 2 will be used.(I set the larger<oops> cut aside)
Roll one piece in your palms to shape the wick. Working carefully, twist the cotton shaping one end into a point. Dampen the point to aid in threading into the coil.
Feed Point through coil and with a continuous twisting motion gently pull wick to center.
* If cotton binds(to thick) gently back out a bit and remove a small strip - continue.*
Snip wick ends to equal Base diameter.
Now the fun begins. The wick must sit properly to allow Good wicking without flooding or blocking the channels and delivering dry hits.
Wet each end of the wick with a few drips of e-liquid and take a Tooth pick, tiny screwdriver, paper clip or whatever is small and handy to Tuck the ends to the back edge of the channel.
To be continued..................
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  1. wseternmd's Avatar
    I really like this idea. Hope it cuts down in the air hole noise. I just up the road from you Westernport,MD