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Proof that Vaping is Seriously Righteous...

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by , 04-24-2012 at 01:33 AM (544 Views)
And on the eighth day, God sat back and fired-up a stogie. But Jesus held forth his cupped hands and said, "Nay, Father. Vapeth this."

And the Lord God saw that it was good, and asked His son, "Is that Snickerdoodle?" To which Jesus replied, "Yes, Father. Even so."

And the Lord of Hosts didst grin, and gaveth His son the holiest of high-fives, saying, "That rocks."

Then they both did brief air-guitar motions, and Jesus said, "You hungry?" To which the Almighty replied, "Yeah, I could murder a bag of Funyuns."
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  1. JAY73's Avatar
    way funny,rock on & go forth and vape for the rest of your days my child..
    love peace & chicken grease...
  2. priorities's Avatar
    You are just 'tooo much' !