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  1. Symptom's caused by quitting smoking/ beginning vaping - link

  2. Lounging By The Beach - Part 7 Information for wicking materials & rebuilding

    by , 05-09-2014 at 05:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by 100%VG View Post
    Some people use Silica Wick for rebuildables and some use Cotton. The cotton of choice for any build is Walgreens Studio 35 Beauty Organic Cotton Balls, available only in-store (not online). It is clean, 100% Organic cotton and doesn't need to be boiled to clean/purify it like most other cottons that are acceptable for vaping. There are several videos by RiP Trippers and Phil Busardo (and many others) that cover how to use cotton balls as wicking.

    If you want to use Silica Wick instead
  3. ECF forum Glossary/ copied from original source by SmokeyJoe

    by , 03-07-2014 at 04:02 PM

    ECF - E-Cigarette-Forum
    Noob - Beginner
    OP - Original Post(er)
    Analog - Regular Cigarette
    Mod - Homemade device/Moderator.
    Pull - The act of sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapor into your mouth
    TH - Throat Hit (The tingling sensation in the back of your throat)
    Vapor - the “smoke” emitted from an e-cigarette
    Vape, Vaping - The use of an e-cigarette (similar to the term “smoking” when referring to an analog)
  4. Where to go to get a name change :)

  5. why get a mech? Amazing info by Baditude

    by , 11-13-2013 at 01:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Baditude View Post
    Mechanical mods were the first "mods" created. Originally modded from flashlight or other metal tubes. They started to grow a little out of favor about 3 years ago with the introduction of regulated mods, which offered variable voltage and built-in protective circuitry against short circuits which made them safer than mechanical mods. Many had built-in ohm meters and voltage meters and an LED screen.

    The people from Evolve made the Kick, a drop-in processor module, which
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