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Mixing 101, The Basics - A simple walk through on mixing a favorate standard... RY4

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by , 11-01-2013 at 06:29 PM (2561 Views)
How to properly mix a favorite standard RY4

This blog is based on my own experiences and is written as my own personal opinion and should be taken as that only. Please remember to follow and observe all safety precautions.

This walk through is for a specific mix but can be applied to any mix as far as technique is concerned.


Assuming a 50PG/50VG/18mg Nic base

The Flavors Apprentice ry4
The Flavors Apprentice Bavarian Cream or may substitute TFA Deluce De Leche
The Flavors Apprentice Caramel

Understanding flavors and how they work together

Important note:
Not all flavors are going to be created equal. So youíre going to want to sample flavors from many manufactures so this is why if youíre just starting out don't buy lots and lots of flavors right off the bat especially from only one manufacture.

Itís important to know what each individual flavor taste like. I would mix each of the above flavors on its own in 5 ml test batches using the minimum recommended amount and taste them individually to gauge how much RY4, Cream or Caramel you will need to add to get the final mix to where you want it to be.

When mixing the RY4 flavor it is important to steep this particular tobacco in order to realize its true taste (read my blog on steeping). The flavor develops over time so what you taste right after you mix it will not taste the same after it steeps a week or more. The same is true for creams.

Again I can't emphasize the importance of knowing what each individual flavor taste like on its own before using it. So you should be sampling every new flavor that you buy.

When you've sampled all the flavors individually and know what your working with then the real mixing begins.

Now the real mixing begins

First and foremost take careful detailed notes of what youíre doing. It's the worst feeling in the world to create that perfect mix and not be able to reproduce it.

What follows is a scenario of how to go about creating your final mix and the amount's I'm using are a guideline only but is a good place to start..


It's important to get your RY4 base tasting correct because it is the main flavor foundation of the mix that you will eventually be adding your additional note flavors to.

You may want to mix the RY4 base flavor separately the first time you try this mix as described in the "Understanding flavors" section and adjust as needed until the taste is to your liking.

Always remember if the base flavor of your mix is off the finished mix will be off.

Once you have your ry4 base flavor tasting just right it's time to start adding the flavor notes. Start the additional flavors at 1%, steep then taste then adjust. If adjusting is necessary add more flavoring in 1% or less increments.

It's always best practice once you have your ry4 base tasting correct to make several test batches with different added flavor levels.

I would start right off the bat with 3, 5ml batches making all of them at the same time with different flavoring percentages for my note flavors (See example below).

batch 1 = 7% ry4, 1% cream, 1% caramel
batch 2 = 7% ry4, 2% cream, 1% caramel
batch 3 = 7% ry4, 1% cream, 2% caramel

Steep them for a week or 3 hours in an Ultrasonic cleaner (See my blog on steeping) then taste. Make no mistake ry4 does need to be steeped.

That will tell you the direction you need to go. Then once you determine that the mix needs more of one flavor and less of another flavor, then the final 2 batches can be used to zero in on the amounts.


Lets say you determine that the cream flavor is good at 2% but there is to much caramel taste at 2% but there is not enough caramel taste at 1%. You can then do the 2 final batches as shown below.

batch 4 = 7% ry4, 2% cream 1.25% caramel
batch 5 = 7% ry4, 2% cream 1.50% caramel.

Over Flavoring

Over flavoring has done in many a DYI'er. When dealing with flavors start at the lowest recommended percentage and work up. Over flavoring can ruin a batch and often lead to an over powering chemical taste as well as a reduction in flavor (Yes I said reduction) and an increase in fustration level. Over flavoring is also much harder to recover from then under flavoring.

Getting it right is a matter of baby steps when it comes to adding flavor. You will save time, money and fustration by using small, even, incremented amounts.

Good luck and happy vaping.

Read my blogs for more tips and tricks


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  1. jnnfrlsw's Avatar
    Thanks for taking the time and sharing this detailed info. its going to make my learning to diy so much easier-not to mention cheaper by saving me a lot of newbie mistakes!
  2. nobutts1's Avatar
    What is RY4 exactly?
  3. devilchasnme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nobutts1
    What is RY4 exactly?
    I had the same question so I googled around:

    RY 4 (RY4) is a sweet tobacco with undertones of caramel and vanilla.
  4. AngryCagen's Avatar
    what a great starting point. Thanks Danny!
  5. Satiated's Avatar
    Oky I'm a newbie ready to buy supplies from Wizard Labs. Do all ejuices start with a RY4 mixture or is this example only for people who like tobacco flavored juice? Also what happens if you want to vape vg only? Or as much vg only as you can get minus the pg in the flavoring?