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  1. How I test new flavorings and hone in on the amount to use.

    by , 01-13-2015 at 05:17 PM
    Using the drop method will quickly help you determine the flavors profile and hone in on the amount of flavoring needed.

    Mix up some base and place it in a squeeze bottle with a luer lock cap and 14ga needle.

    For a 20% flavor mix

    Add 4 drops base then clean the needle and place it on a 1ml syringe and draw up some flavor and add 1 drop flavoring. Mix then test vape your sample.

    For a 10% flavor mix

    Add 9 drops base then clean the ...

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  2. How to adjust your base to reduce that peppery harsh Nicotine taste

    by , 12-02-2014 at 04:51 PM
    Steps to take to narrow down if that harsh peppery taste is coming from either the NIC, the PG or the VG.

    Peppery or harsh taste is usually caused by old or cheaply extracted Nicotine solution. Or it could simply be that your vaping a strength that's to high for you. The following procedure will help you determine what base component is causing the issue and what you can do to tweek your base to fit your needs.

    Step 1. Vape just the PG alone (No NIC, VG, DW or flavoring). ...

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  3. Recommended research for the first time DYI'r

    by , 11-26-2014 at 06:24 PM

    My blogs will give insight into all aspects of DYI, from steeping to what supplies to have on hand to a basic walk through mixing your first E-juice.

    E-Cigarette Forum - dannyv45 - Blogs

    Then read hoosier's blogs. These blogs concentrate on fine tuning your mix and give insight on additives.

    E-Cigarette Forum - Hoosier - Blogs

    Then read Boletus's blog's. These blogs concentrate on formulation of nicotine baces regarding proper calculations ...

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  4. Nicotine, What is it exactly? Part 2

    by , 12-13-2013 at 07:01 PM
    Courtsey of Patrick J. Gleason


    In summary, what the above physical properties are saying is that there is no possible way in this universe, or any other, that a nicotine vapor can exist.
    You can not get nicotine by burning tobacco. The nicotine will chemically decompose before a vapor of it is formed. Furthermore, if any nicotine vapor did form by burning tobacco, it would burst into flames before any residual moisture in ...
  5. Nicotine, What is it exactly? Part 1

    by , 12-13-2013 at 06:59 PM
    Courtesy of Patrick J. Gleason

    The Smoker's Club, Inc. Encyclopedia 16

    Nicotine: What is it, and where does it come from?
    Time to clear the air.

    The best way to understand nicotine, if you don't have a lot of chemistry background is to understand table salt.

    The chemical name for table salt is "sodium chloride". It is made up of two chemical elements named "sodium" and "chlorine".

    Sodium is a soft, ...
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