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The Arry Tank

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by , 11-02-2011 at 09:15 AM (883 Views)
I love this thing! I've been using the Arry tank for almost 3 weeks now.
I want another one.
As soon as they are available again I will buy another one so I can have 2 flavors of juice available to go all the time.
Maybe I'll even buy 2 more if I have the money.

So very much better than the liquinator tank I previously bought. For the most part it is incredibly easy to clean and reassemble. The only problems I have had with it is an o-ring on one of the ce2's was a bit uneven and it got tore up while I was trying to get it into the bottom cap, I just replaced the o-ring and problem solved. And the other was an extremely narrow o-ring that came on a ce2 and led to a little bit of leaking around the seal. Again, I just replaced the o-ring and problem solved.

Easy to fill, no leakage when filling.
Great flavor, NO dry hits, flooding issues, or leaking like I had with the liquinator.
One tank lasts a few days and the ce2's are lasting me about a week before getting a slightly burnt taste.

Love it, so glad I bought it!

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  1. DeviantDe's Avatar
    Good question, and I have no answer for that. I think the best options are to take them to the hardware store and find a match or to just ask Arry here.