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by , 08-21-2011 at 11:44 AM (6768 Views)
The following is from a forum post I made recently. I've been involved for some time with the "Whole Tobacco Alkaloid" concept, and when reading back through my blog, I find I've spoken with a certainty that's probably misplaced... or at least overly-confident. We think we know a lot of things, we convince ourselves of this, but what do we really know about vaping when it doesn't yet have a long-term history?

In context, the comments below represent my current thinking, which supersedes my former thoughts posted in previous blog posts, at least as far as my level of certainty about things.

I guess the thoughts expressed below were brought on by recent attention to whole tobacco alkaloids, and my somewhat discomfort at being oft-quoted and trusted by so many (which I appreciate, but still find myself uncomfortable with).


I've been posting a lot of wet-blanket stuff, you know, "stay away from WTA unless you're really fighting analogs!" One reason for this, I suppose, is that we have to remember that the whole realm of vaping is even now rather new, and we don't know as much as we sometimes think we do. I guess I'm big on safety, and for as much as we want vaping to be safe, we're really only persuaded that vaping is safer than smoking, and that smoking is probably a good bit safer than driving really fast with your eyes closed!

The whole discussion around vaping is really about nothing less than our lives. Who here doesn't think it would be great if smoking was actually safe? I'd do a carton a day, really. I'm the first to say that if I were given my choice, I'd not vape at all, be active, get back into shape, and do all those healthy things that make my doctor tell me I can have TWO lollipops when I leave my annual physical. But I can't put down the e-cigarette yet...

We believe in harm-reduction... the idea that we can come out net-positive by replacing one bad habit with another not-so-bad habit. We know smoking is really bad for our health and longevity, but we only believe that our chosen not-so-bad habit of vaping is less bad. I really don't want anybody here to say "Well, WTA is a lot safer than smoking because DVap said...". DVap didn't say. DVap did say to go find a mountain, a meadow, a seashore, an unspoiled place and breath the air. BUT... failing to do all those good things I should be doing, and still tethered to an e-cigarette, I am simply persuaded, like many, that vaping is safer than smoking. But I wouldn't want the first of you here to take *my* word for it. I feel similarly about WTA. I believe that WTA is a safer alternative than smoking, but I don't know this.

The only thing I really know about WTA is anecdotal via the folks who have had the opportunity to try it... that WTA does take the edge off for folks who still struggle with analogs while vaping. Then again, so does snus (The Swedish stuff), and I'm far more persuaded that snus is safe than I am about vaping nicotine or vaping WTA.

So, in the end, all I'm really saying is that each of us has to do our own thinking and put our health in our own hands. Don't take my word for it, when in doubt, breath the air.


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  1. Starlyte2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by adrkaushal
    20 ml in one night
    (sorry for you smileys, it didn't want yours and mine, so...)
    Wowee! I don't know if I could do that much.

    But seriously, I find that I feel better since I dropped down to a couple of mls a day, than getting through ten or so a day. Also I was in to Evods, so I had to refill 6 or 7 times a day = hassle.
    As for the health side of WTA, I'm sure I'm better off with 2 or 3 mls a day of juice made with WTA nicotine (5% of WTA, 95% plain nicotine), than 4 or 5 times more with just nicotine, but at 15 or 20 mg/ml rather than 10mg/ml with WTA added.
    But I've given up, too, on calculating the health question. It suits me very well, and that's what counts for me
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