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But why?

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by , 09-11-2009 at 02:57 AM (2169 Views)
My motivation for posting information about nicotine determination is twofold:

From the perspective of a chemist, it's really a very simple procedure that uses some very basic principles. Having read all over the forums, having seen that there was interest in being able to do this, and having seen the general assumption that this was something that would require a big wad of cash sent to some laboratory, I knew it wasn't that difficult.

From the perspective of a customer, I know that aside from flavor, one of the top selling points of e-liquid is potency. I don't suspect e-liquid suppliers of being dishonest. I do, however, expect accountability. Any supplier should be able to confidently answer the question, "How do you know your x mg e-liquid is really x mg?" If the suppliers cannot answer this question, then they are at the mercy of their upstream suppliers. By planting the idea in the minds of e-liquid consumer that they actually can "peek under the label", they are in a position to demand more from their suppliers... who are in turn in a position to demand more from their upstream suppliers.

Do I believe there is an industry-wide problem with nicotine potency? I don't believe or disbelieve it. We pay for potency, and we should be confident we're getting what we pay for.


  1. nobutts1's Avatar
    Well said and totally agree. Thanks, we are all in this together for as much info as we can all gather.,,, together.