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So long analogs, I hardly miss you.

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by , 09-16-2009 at 12:49 AM (3990 Views)
I picked up smoking in college, Freshman year, 1981 and didn't quit until 1995 when I decided I wanted to see what my body could do while it could maybe still do it. I ran for the next 8 years, backpacked, hiked upwards of 30 miles a day in the mountains. I didn't think about cigarettes, they weren't part of who I was any longer.

Then came one of those life-changing stress situations, so I was smoking again in 2003, and all that fitness and conditioning slipped away. By Spring of 2007, I'd had enough again, and put down the cigarettes and for the next six months, I got myself back into some kind of decent condition, but sure enough... here came another one of those stressful life-events. So there I was, smoking again and getting in worse and worse shape.

Then came another life-changing event. In early August 2009, I discovered e-cigs. Over the next month my smoking dropped from 30 analogs/day down to 5 or 6.

Sometime late last Friday evening or early Saturday morning, I finally decided I didn't need the 5 or 6 analogs I was still smoking daily. I'm vaping and smoke-free.

Now I know that all those life-changing stress episodes we go through run their course, but I also know that when they happen, I smoke. Unfortunely, once the stressful situation has run it's course, the cigarettes are still there. Stress will keep happening from time to time. Whether I keep vaping, or quit vaping, I know that there's something else I can do instead of smoke when these stresses occur.

Will vaping save my life? I don't know, I've done some damage to my health and my risks going forward are greater than had I never smoked. But here's one thing that I know will not kill me:

Continuing to smoke.

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  1. BlondieLocs's Avatar
    "[I]But here's one thing that I know will not kill me:

    Continuing to smoke.[/I]"

    Think you meant to say "one thing that I know WILL kill me" ;)
  2. DVap's Avatar
    Nope, I meant that my past smoking may yet kill me but my future smoking won't, because there won't be any.
  3. BenJammin's Avatar
    For me, every previous attempt at quitting smoking has always resulted in weight gain. I feel your pain in getting older and it getting harder to stay in a shape other than round. I've always been a chunky guy and cigarettes helped to keep that from getting completely out of hand. However, analogs don't mix very well with vigorous cardio-vascular activity (Sucking Wind8-o! Gasp! Choke! Wheeze!) Being fit was a slim chance and significant weight loss seemed like an impossible dream. E-cigs have finally given me the energy to not just hold back the weight-gain, but actually reverse it for the first time in years. I've still got a ways to go yet, but I know it can be done. Vaping is saving my life on 2 fronts! Vape On!
  4. DVap's Avatar
    True true.

    The difference between anologues and vaping is the difference between getting a quarter mile into a walk/run and wanting to stop versus wanting to continue on.
  5. I Stelfer I's Avatar
    BenJammin I actually encountered the opposite problem. I am 20 years old and I started smoking when i was 17, so about 3 years and I don't know if its because I wasn't smoking for very long but since I quit analogs 3 weeks ago I've lost over 30 pounds, doing everything the same as I normally would, just minus tobacco.
  6. I Stelfer I's Avatar
    and I'm 6' 3" and I only weighed 220 so losing 30 pounds has left me looking dramatically thin
  7. d-be's Avatar
    i'm actually really worried after reading your comments. i just started to really try to quit smoking, and since i'm a girl (early 20s), this whole weight-gain business got me a little hesitant...any antidotes? appreciate the help =)
  8. DVap's Avatar
    Hi d-be!

    My gut feeling on this is that quitting smoking increases the appetite in the sense that you're now healthier being free of the many toxic compounds you're sucking down with cigarettes.

    I quit smoking for the first time in 1995 after 14 years of smoking, and I suddenly found myself able to hike 10 miles instead of just a couple miles, then 15, then 20, 25, 30 miles in a single day over just the next couple years. I'm not suggesting you go nuts with exercise, just that without the cigarettes, you might find yourself with a little well deserved pride in your accomplishment, and more energy to use in healthy ways to help counteract the weight gain that might come with a healthier appetite.
  9. hittman's Avatar
    I too have noticed the increase in stamina since not smoking. After not very long I was able to double my run and workout times without much trouble.
  10. typocinnamongrl's Avatar
    *applause! Good for you, awesome way to look at it, congrats on pitching the analogs!!
  11. BenJammin's Avatar
    It's not that quitting analogs "caused" my weight gain. Overeating causes weight gain. The key is that nicotine is suppressing my already enormous appetite. Analogs put the Beast on a chain, and prior to E-cigs, quitting smoking freed the Beast .
    @ D-Be: I don't think you should be worried. I was addicted to Food long before I was ever addicted to Nicotine.
  12. DVap's Avatar
    Not smoking certainly won't kill ya, but not eating will, eventually at least.
  13. player30's Avatar
    I started smoking in 1973, have quit many times the longest of which was 6 years. I smoked 2 cigarettes after I got my first kit almost a year ago. Do I still want one? At times; especially stressful times. But it goes away. I am an admitted vaping addict!!
  14. Tail11's Avatar
    You and I are very similar. I quit smoking for 5 1/2 years. I ran marathons and even finished an Ironman triathlon. I never thought about cigarettes when I was so active. I let my weakness take over when I encountered family problems. I got fat and smoked. Now that I'm vaping, I've lost weight and feel so much better.

    Good luck on your journey, and thanks for sharing your story!
  15. cmt819's Avatar
    I have been analog free for over a year now. I have also cut 40 lbs, which for me at age 58 (and female) was not particularly easy - but IMHO - easier with the e-cig. Why? Usually when cutting cigarettes I would head to the refrigerator. With e-cig's I don't do that - I'm satisfied - my tastebuds are satisfied. I also have a theory that I'm a "tactile smoker". It's not the nicotine I'm after (but I like the ooomph it gives), but the "something" in my hand, something touching my lips and the throathit. I turn to the e-cig for the gratification that snacking/munching gave me. Don't think ecigs automatically mean you'll gain weight - it's different for everyone.