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It's not just the nicotine...

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by , 11-11-2009 at 06:47 AM (5553 Views)
Why do we smoke? Why do some of us not find vaping satisfying?

As the dominant tobacco alkaloid at perhaps 90% (edit: or even 95%) by weight in the tobacco alkaloid spread, nicotine gets all the attention, with the other 5-10% by weight of tobacco alkaloids being largely ignored.

It is not nicotine that hooks us, it is nicotine plus the all the other tobacco alkaloids. For many, nicotine e-liquid is unsatisfying. These folks vape high concentrations chasing what no amount of nicotine can give them.

Add the other 5-10% of the tobacco alkaloids to the nicotine, and now you've got something that will take the edge off.

The defect of nicotine e-liquid is simple: It is an overly-processed product. We don't want nicotine e-liquid, we want whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid.

Give vapers (especially those who just can't get satisfaction from regular e-liquid) a WTA e-liquid, and they'll happily vape, prolong their life and quality of life immeasurably, and smile and say "no thanks" to all those who wish to purge their chosen behavior.

They might quit entirely, they might not. But they will exercise their freedom of choice, something increasingly under attack in this nanny-infested society. If nothing else, they will free themselves forever from having no viable alternative to the inhalation of burning tobacco.

Tobacco alkaloids are not harmless, especially compared to not consuming any at all. However, consuming them in e-liquid separated from the pyrolysis products (tobacco smoke), certainly represents a significant harm reduction.

Edit: Feb 2010 - Since WTA e-liquid isn't available commercially (I've only made it on a test-scale), looking into Swedish Snus might provide the "edge" that's missing. Many have said, "Me, snus? You've got to be kidding!", and many of these same people now swear by it.

You can look up more info on snus here on ECF: Other Alternatives to Smoking.

If you're doing fine with vaping, snus probably isn't for you, but if you're being driven crazy by the desire to smoke despite vaping, or if you're finding yourself upping your eliquid nicotine to frightening levels, snus may well help.

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  1. thewomenfolk's Avatar
    I've never thought that nicotine was what addicted us. I think there are many other things in tobacco that does, they just keep that a secret. I also think a lot of the addiction is psychological, much like a baby is happier with a pacifier in his mouth.
  2. DVap's Avatar
    You're in rapidly growing company.
  3. thewomenfolk's Avatar
    I hope there's no one out there that'll get in the juice business just to put addictive stuff in it. Who'd ever know? That's why we do need some measure of quality control, or maybe the better alternative is to just make our own juice.

    Your's is a thought-provoking blog that needed to be written. Thanks.
  4. DVap's Avatar
    Trying to get people addicted is one thing, offering a product for the seriously addicted bound-to-keep smoking is quite another.

    Unfortunately, there is little space for dialogue with the anti-tobacco forces in any of this. They are accustomed to setting the agenda and controlling the dialog. Any argument contrary to their position is preempted by their foregone conclusion. They need to forcefully be told to go f-themselves, but they're too full of themselves to hear it.
  5. 's Avatar
    Is creating such an e-liquid with tobacco alkaloids in it even possible? If so why hasn't it been done yet? Or has it?
  6. DVap's Avatar
    It's possible, I've done it, and several testers say it works very well.

    The commercialization of such a liquid is something that some of us believe would draw the ire of all the wrong entities.
  7. jojogardener's Avatar
    I would like to learn how to do it!
    Im one of those who will never quit kinda person....
    vaping is just not cutting it.......
  8. hittman's Avatar
    Dvap, sometimes when I read your blogs, I feel like you are seeing inside my head and telling my story. Thanks for all of your hard work and research.
  9. kantraxo's Avatar
    i'm very interested in this, ive gone back to smoking cigs at least three times now from a total quit period of weeks and cant seem to make the vaping satisfy me especially in stress filled moments. i break down n' go buy analogs again, so if you can help and send me any trial test of a different liquid i'd sure consider buying some. thanx.
  10. technovapir's Avatar
    Nice info DVap - this reminded me that 15 years ago when I tried to quit smoking at a "Stephen Present Seminar" - they said that nicotine was NOT addictive. The whole seminar was built around that & group hypnosis. Worked for 3 months then back to the smokes I went!
    I always felt that the real power of those seminars was the energy of being with 1000 other people tossing their lighters and cigarettes into the large garbage bins. But I've always wondered where they got the info that nicotine wasn't addictive...
  11. hittman's Avatar
    I was one of the ones that thought that I wouldn't use snus and swear by it. occasional pinch of nasal snuff doesn't hurt either. That's another one that I never thought I would try. I have sampled the WTA liquid and can testify that it is unlike any liquid out there. It is as close to smoking as you can get without burning tobacco.
  12. JustaGuy's Avatar
    I'm only a 3 month convert from analogs to vaping. When things get tough...I still break down for a few puffs of the "real" thing, once or twice so far. You're absolutely right, DVap, there's something missing, and I'm not the only one saying. I've heard Big Tobacco put a ton of things into cigarettes to KEEP us addicted and I believe it. There's nothing like a captive audience or consumer in our case. But I also blame the juice industry for not coming up with a real cigarette SMOKE tasting juice. I haven't quit for 30 years until now because I LIKED the cigarette taste. It's a smoky (of course), fragrant and bitter sweet taste, if sweet at all. Most e-juice is just sugar/sweet-n-low PG/VG, too sweet. The closest cigarette tasting and smelling juice for me so far is the Dekang stuff, but it's missing the smokiness too. At least it smells like fresh tobacco instead of last night's dessert. Between charging batts, cleaning attys and filling carts, it's enough to drive me to my lighter.

    As for the anti-smoking crowd, I don't tell them to eat bread fruit, but they'll drop dead if they can't tell others how to live.
  13. cigarbabe's Avatar
    I have tried the WTA being put out by a certain vendor and I have to say I used it at what is a med. level and it worked beyond what I thought was even possible!
    I have a severe sleep disturbance and I find if I use it before I go to bed I sleep more soundly and I'm not as apt to go wandering around the neighborhood or trying to cook while I'm "asleep" lol! This is more than I have expected to experience. I thought vaping worked pretty well for me but this brings a new level of calmness and relaxation for me.
    I am very grateful to have heard about and read your posts and to have found a supplier.
    Thank you DVap!
  14. Vapeterry's Avatar
    Hi, please lead me to a wta supplier. Thank you.