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The Last Word on Long-Term Storage of Nicotine Solutions

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by , 08-26-2013 at 06:03 AM (2384 Views)
I recently posted in a thread discussing long-term storage of nicotine solutions and it got me thinking that I should post something here on the topic. This is a bit of a repeat of a blog post I made some years ago, but it's been kinda buried under newer posts, so I figure it's time to resurrect it a newer post.

A lot of folks go to great pains to try to keep their DIY nicotine solutions from turning yellow. Much is speculated about the storage-life of these solutions. Is it one year, is it two years, what can be done to maximize the shelf-life?

You know what?

It doesn't really matter.

Consider this image:


This is from my old buddy Exogenesis over in the U.K. He had a solution of pharma grade nicotine in PG as seen on the left. Looks great doesn't it?

He took this nice clean nicotine solution and put in an an auto-vaping apparatus he built and then used an electrostatic condenser he built to cause the resulting vapor to rapidly condense back to a liquid.

The image on the right shows what that nice clean nicotine solution on the left turned into after being vaped and re-condensed.


So here's the simply truth of the matter on storage of nicotine solutions:

It doesn't really matter.

Before your nice clean nicotine ever hits your mouth, you've already aged it more than years of storage ever could, just by firing up your atty.
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  1. timbit's Avatar
    Very interesting post but I do have one question regarding this topic... Well two but they're related...

    1) does this aging process (however it occurs) result in a measurable degradation of the nicotine (either availability or present concentration)?

    2) Assuming that the aging that occurs with simultaneously with vaping isn't the same as the rather linear aging process that comes with time (that can be somewhat managed) are there factors that influence the degree of degradation that occurs in vaping? I.e. does the ohms from the coil, voltage from power source, type of delivery device, perhaps even battery chemistry, etc; change/reduce/eliminate the degree of degradation that occurs during vaping?

    Okay well 3 questions, when color of the nic changes does that in any way relate to anything aside from age or more correctly oxidation? I.e Does the nicotine retain the original chemical make up? Has it (assuming for simplicity that its just nicotine) been changed in any way? Are any other products created as a result of the vaping process? Does the aging process by itself result in the same degradation, i.e. has the same final chemical make up, as occurs during the vaping process? Or does the added heat source with vaping cause possibly more or a different degradation process?

    I don't know if you (or anyone) can answer these questions, at least at this point in time but I think they are (& indeed probably are other unasked questions that are) important & valuable to identify the answers to so we can better understand the potential risks & benefits of vaping vs smoking, an essential component of harm reduction therapies...

  2. DVap's Avatar
    No research on this... just gut responses here...

    1. Probably.

    2. Battery chemistry can't matter, all the atty sees is wattage. It might stand to reason that higher wattage (hotter) operation would have a greater oxidation effect.

    3. I'd guess that the hotter vaping process would pave the way to more potential oxidation products than simple aging.

    Overall, the question that needs to be asked/answered relates to the nature of the oxidation products. Are these products essentially as active as unoxidized nicotine? As relevant is the question, "how does it taste"?
  3. tnt56's Avatar
    Out Standing blogs Dvap, Very good and very infomitive. Thanks mano
  4. Starlyte2's Avatar
    Cheers, Dvap, although, with Summer coming, I have moved my Nicotine reserves into the fridge. It often gets well over 30C here (S France) and I feel happier with the nic preserved in a fridge, as there's a ban hovering over our heads in semi-permanence at the moment.
    I do hope I can look back at this post in a few years, PV in the hand, but as things go, it looks as if Vapers will become on par with drug users! LOL OMG what a world!