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So I'm still vaping...

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by , 06-01-2010 at 07:27 AM (1794 Views)
I told folks here a few weeks ago that I was going to quit vaping altogether as I start to get myself back into my old fighting condition. So here I am a few weeks later, still vaping single digit nicotine and getting back into shape at the same time.

Think about that for a moment... vaping and getting in shape at the same time. I know it's not the best thing in the world (nicotine and blood pressure... ya-de-ya and all that), but I can't even imagine trying to do that with analogs. I've put in 20 hard trail miles over the past 3 days, all the while vaping (not WHILE I was doing the miles, but before and after). I'm down 10 pounds with more to go, and oh yea.. my lungs feel great.
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  1. Bryce's Avatar
    It's good to hear stories like this. Hopefully you'll be able to quit altogether one day if you wish, but getting into shape while continuing to vape, and feeling great while doing it is great news. Keep up the hard work and do some running for me if you're feeling so great! :)
  2. DVap's Avatar
    Thanks.. down 17 pounds now, and still going!