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What's the deal with "Carto Tanks"?

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by , 02-15-2014 at 09:20 PM (524 Views)
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I see them all of the time in pictures of people's setups and truthfully, being new, I have absolutely no idea what they are. Since the beginning, the only thing I've used are Protanks, Aerotanks and Protank Minis and they've worked...OK I suppose. Mainly the Protanks are the only ones to give me issues. Anyways, from my understanding there were only a couple other type of systems like RBA's (rebuildables with a tank system) and RDA's (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and then disposable dripping atomizers that you use to try flavors.

What exactly is a carto tank and are they nice/easy to use? Do you have to rebuild with them? I see them all over the place in the Provari section, and since I've just bought one, I'd like to know why they're so commonly used and how beneficial they are. Also, if they're really good, which should I get and why?
A cartomizer is a little thing like a cigarette filter, in size and shape, and it is a cartridge and atomizer; it is 'disposable'; it contains the heating coil. It contains a big wad of wicking material usually called filler.

The original regular cartomizers screw directly onto a battery, and when on a small automatic battery they look like cigalikes.

With carto tanks, what is used are punched cartomizers, - they have a hole or 2 on them, and they go inside a tank, and the liquid in the tank can seep in through the holes.

The cartridge itself wouldn't hold very much eliquid, so instead of tossing an otherwise good carto which is empty of liquid, you can use punched cartos in a tank and vape alot more liquid before the carto really needs changing.

The Sophia is a carto shaped rebuildable atomizer.

A carto tank is essentially a bcc clearomiser which uses standard type cartos as the atomizer.

The v-nano is a cigalike type tank with atomizer with removeable mouthpiece for refilling, which uses filler like a carto; its like a disposable micro cartotank system in construction.


  1. papapit's Avatar
    i like the DCT tanks.. which also use the pre punched cartomizers.. i like them.. they work well.. change the cartomizer about once every 2 weeks... costs me about 5$ a month for a 3 pack.. they are cheap.. give good vapor hits.. and excellent flavor.. i like them.. but everyone has their own opinion.. i use the smoktech dual coil u-dct tank.. it locks in place.. its a nice set up.. you can also get them in pyrex glass if your a tank breaker juice user like me.. [url=http://www.evcigarettes.com/smoktech-u-dct-6ml-cartomizer-tank/]Smoktech U-DCT 6mL Cartomizer Tank - EVcigarettes.com[/url] theres the link to the tank wouldnt hurt to just check them out.. hope this helps a lil... vape on
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    is Grimm Greens "all about Tanks"
    As Always you should be able to find all the answers you need between the INFOZONE
    at ECF, or indiviual Forums...
    if you prefer the video reviews like PBusard then
    A PBusardo Review - The UDCT & AGR Locking Carto Tanks And PIPE CONTEST WINNER - YouTube
    or noodle around his channel and see various related instructions.
    If your noob (carto tanks) there's some stuff to learn and decide (based on your vape budget)...there's everything from under$10 to over $100 and some of us have gone overboard with custom engravings from Phiniac, custom Art work/glass work
    and top of the line from europe. btw.Phiniac website will teach you some basics
    if you noodle around to the part of the website that talks about the durability of the
    tanks they sell. Its a combo of changing the cartomizers inside the tank you choose.
    Carto tanks will hold the MOST juice on par with some rebuildable atty tanks that also can be XXL.
    get some help before you buy...to be sure the gear all works together.