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My Story

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by , 09-01-2014 at 05:22 PM (191 Views)
My name is Sean. I am a 40 year old electrician living in Small Town Alberta. I started smoking when I was 12. My parents smoked, my friends parents smoked, many of my aunts and uncles smoked, and most of my teachers smoked. Everyone knew it was bad, and no-one encouraged it, but I doubt it was a surprise to anyone the first time I got caught.

Twenty eight years is a long time to do anything. I loved smoking, and I told myself I would never quit. I didn't want to. When the Anti Tobacco fascists started cracking down, I became even more adamant. I have always been a non-conformist, so I used smoking as yet another badge of honour. I am also very introverted, and as smoking became banned in more and more places, I became less and less social. At the end of that particular part of my life I was smoking at least 2 packs a day, spending around $700 a month, and hardly leaving my house except to work. If I couldn't smoke there, I wasn't going.

I had seen those crappy plastic e-cigs on display at the place I bought my smokes for months. I asked the clerk if they worked well, she said she heard they weren't great. On closer inspection I learned that there was no nicotine. I knew that the patch and the gums didn't work very well, and they have nicotine, so I thought there is no way these things would work for me. I need my nic. So I hopped on the net, started looking for something better. I found a lot of stuff. Almost too much. I decided to bite the bullet and order a starter kit for around $50 and a few different flavors of juice. I thought if I could cut my smoking even by half, I would be a lot better off. Financially and in terms of health. Let me tell you, 2 packs a day takes it's toll.

I tracked my package through the standard online procedure of anticipation and doom and gloom. From Calgary it took 4 days to arrive. For the first 3 days of waiting I chain smoked. I wanted to be so sick of smoking that I would be ready to try anything. I almost made myself sick, I gave myself almost all of the nicotine overdose symptoms by the end of the night. The morning my package arrived I spent at the dentist having my teeth cleaned. Not a pleasant experience at all, as I said 2 packs a day takes it's toll. After leaving the dentist I went to work for awhile. It was a slow day and the boss let us leave early, which was just fine and dandy with me. Between the dentist and getting to the post office I smoked 3 cigarettes. I really didn't want to undo all the time I spent in the chair getting my mouth abused by the hygienist. So I went home and unpacked my new gear.

I haven't had a smoke since. That was July 17 2014. Today is September 1, 46 days later. I no longer need to smoke. I no longer want to smoke. I no longer smell like smoke. My car no longer smells of smoke at all, nor does my house. I can smell things again. That isn't always pleasant, but I can also taste things. My teeth look the same as the day I had them cleaned. I am enjoying vaping much more than I ever did smoking, and feeling the benefits of not smoking.

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  1. issy's Avatar
    Loved reading your story, thank you for posting!