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Free e-cig give-away from Apollo!

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by , 08-30-2012 at 02:23 PM (1998 Views)
Free Electronic Cigarette

You can get a free Apollo e-cig (disposable one that supposedly gives you 500 puffs/equivalent to 2 packs). There's five flavors to chose from: tobacco, regular, menthol, coffee, cherry, and vanilla. You've gotta pay s/h though (for age verification, they just can't give'em away totally free), which they say won't be more than $2.

Here's the generic blog post they give you to put in your blog, where you give them the blog entry address and then magic happens:


Apollo Ecigs is giving away 1,000,000 FREE electronic cigarettes with no recurring fees or hidden charges -- just a free disposable e-cig!

You should claim yours now! Click here: <a href="">1 Million Free Electronic Cigarettes being given away at Apollo Ecigs</a>


I don't know why that html isn't working there, guess I should let them know.


And, when it's all said and done, to get your free disposable e-cig, just use code "freecig." You put a disposable e-cig in your cart and upon check-out, enter that code and voila.
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  1. nilavap's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this flarg
    I am always super-cautious about anything free if my credit card is involved The explanation for needing a cc is logical; however after all of the "free trial offer" ecig scams that have been transpiring recently, I think I am going to have to pass. For me, I would prefer to pass up a cigarette than take the risk of a scammer getting my infos and running with them lol Not saying they are scammers but I would want some infos on them and their company before making a purchase of any kind w/them..
    but thanks anyway
  2. flarg's Avatar
    It seriously isn't a scam! Apollo is a very honorable company with a great bunch of folks. You can check out their thread and chat 'em up directly, too:
  3. nilavap's Avatar
    I did check them out and they do have an honest business...just my paranoia lol