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Colorado man sues after explosion

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by , 04-18-2012 at 06:19 AM (1187 Views)
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Welcome to my ECF blog.:)

[QUOTE=Foggy;5844988][QUOTE=Uncle Willie;5840639]Allow the unit to be sold and let the users be the crash dummies .. ?? My point is, the PV is not subjected to even a UL certification .. and yes, I'm using my mod right now .. [/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=four2109;5843146]That's why. That's why we have things like UL listings. Testing by a 3rd party is a bit more reliable than cheerleading by an online forum.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Blargh23;5843613]Just throwing this out there for vendors looking into the possibility of getting things certified -- as an alternative to UL, there's also ETL (aka Intertek). I'm not affiliated with them in any, BTW, I just know a bit about symbols ;-)

[URL=""]Electrical & Electronic[/URL]

Getting stuff tested/listed can be pricey.[/QUOTE]

For any suppliers out there, I definitely recommend looking into ETL.

[QUOTE=John D in CT;5840910]I have to disagree. I think that the e-Cig industry is already officially "Too Big To Fail", and that any governmental agency will, despite the paucity of brainpower inside the Washington Beltway, will conclude that accidents will occur when any product is used by millions of people.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=four2109;5843146]That's why. That's why we have things like UL listings. Testing by a 3rd party is a bit more reliable than cheerleading by an online forum.[/QUOTE]

I'm afraid I have to disagree. Online poker was a billion dollar industry in the US prior to lawsuits by the US government on April 15, 2011. When the government gets you in their sites, we're all peons. Very, very few industries are too big too fail.

[U]Recommendations to suppliers:[/U]

1. Liability Insurance: U.S. suppliers should all have liability insurance, period. If you're buying mods from somewhere, make sure they have insurance and that your company is covered.

2. Terms of Sale: Suppliers need to add pop up whenever someone purchases a mod that warns them about recommended batteries. This should require the purchaser to certify that they have read and understood these terms before they can proceed with the purchase.

These are very basic and can provide some protection. IANAL Seek advice of counsel.[/QUOTE]


  1. mg7454's Avatar
    [COLOR="#000000"]It was the battery that exploded!
    Why blame the e-cig?
    I believe the user may be at fault here, I believe that he may have used the wrong type of battery.
    I cannot say for sure.

    Here is a link to the terms and conditions at PureSmoker:[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#000000"]There is more discussion and information at CASAA on FaceBook:[/COLOR]
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  2. Foggy's Avatar
    Hi mg7454!

    I guess I need to figure out where to find out that someone commented on my blog.

    I'm not making any judgement on who / what was at fault in the Colorado explosion.

    It makes no difference. If you're a manufacturer, it's CRITICAL that you take all steps possible to both inform the consumer of risks and have liability insurance.

    The one thing I know for certain is that consumers will misuse products. I am recommending that suppliers be prepared for it when it happens. It will happen.