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eGo and 808 clearos that work on the X2 battery (revisited)

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by , 10-13-2013 at 02:59 PM (284 Views)
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I started a thread like this a few months ago and figure I would revisit it again without reviving the old one. I am still looking for the best clearo that will work on the Volt X2 battery.

So far I have tried....

V2 Liquimax - So far these have been the best. Strong flavor and vape even after several months of use

esmarts - Hit or miss. Out of the five I got in the pack three still work. One was bad right out of the pack. had a plastic, chemical taste that I could not get rid of even after cleaning. Another developed the same taste shortly after. The other three seem to be working ok for now even after a few cleaning. Though one is starting to develop the slight chemical/plastic taste.

Nano - Junk. Cold vape and zero flavor right out of the pack. Tried cleaning and several different juices. Gave up on it.

CE3 - Worked good while they worked which wasn't for very long. Developed leaks very quickly even after following the instructions to the letter. PITA to fill with the syringe.

Volt X2 - Work ok but once they are down to half capacity they start to develop the plastic burnt taste. Kind of a waste having a bigger capacity tank that you can only use half of

Volt T3 - Tried several times. Works great for the first few vapes then develops the gurgling. My last attempt with it caused a major leak. Pretty much wrote this one off too.

So the search continues.

From the other thread I read that these work

Kanger T2

Vision Clearomizer 2.0 for 808/eGo, Changeable Coil - 2.4 ohm.

N300 iGo Crystal Vision Replaceable Coil Cartomizer

These two look like the same this as the V2 Liquimax but I haven't been able to figure out the difference between them other than the mouthpiece.

Kanger T4

Kanger CE5

Am I missing any. Any that don't require an adapter of any kind that is.

Just trying to find the best, most reliable one. One that will last more than a week. As I said I like the Liquimax but the capacity is under 1ml so I have to carry several with me when going on long trips.