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Review: Kumiho i-Tank Glass BCC

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by , 04-09-2014 at 05:59 PM (470 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Garemlin View Post
Since I hadn't seen anything about this clearo on the forum, I figured I would be the guinea pig and give it a shot.

This is the Kumiho i-Tank Glass BCC. It is available in chrome and black chrome and several different tank colors. I picked up the black chrome with smoke tank.

I purchased it from Desert Vapes for $9.95 plus shipping. It comes with three heads. One each of 2.0Ω, 2.2Ω and 2.5Ω.

This Kumiho i-Tank has a very nice look. Especially the drip tip. The black chrome is really sharp looking and is a nice change of pace from the normal chrome or stainless steel.

Here is it on my MVP with a black chrome beauty ring.

Here is a pic of the assembled clearo next to one of the extra heads

Here are all the parts disassembled

It appears that the heads are of similar design to the ProTank II heads. The difference being the length of the chimney and the base above the silicone ring at the top of the base threading appears to be a tad bigger in diameter. I tried a ProTank II head in the Kumiho base and it does fit. I haven't tried it to see if it actually performs without issue.

Kumiho head on the left and ProTank II head on the right

One major difference between the Kumiho i-Tank and the ProTank II is how it is filled. The PTII is filled from the bottom. The Kumiho i-Tank is filled from the top. When you remove the proprietary drip tip you will see a small fill hole. This does require a blunt needle syringe or needle tip bottle. One advantage is you can actually fill the tank to the top.

The top of the tank showing the fill hole

Now the good and the bad.

The good:
Incredibly good looks
The ability to fill to the top of the tank
Possible compatibility with Kanger heads
Incredible vapor production and taste

The bad:
Well I hate to say it but this thing leaks like a siv. The first few vapes are nice but then you get the gurgle. I have pulled it off of the battery several times and have a pool of liquid. I have lost probably half a tank since filling it. I am not sure if this is just a defective unit, a bad head or something else. I am going to contact Desert Vapes and see what they have to say.

If I can get the leaking fixed I could highly recommend this as a better looking and cheaper alternative to the Protank. But in the meantime am going to reserve judgement until I get the leaking issue resolved. I hope I can because I had high hopes for this clearo,