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by , 06-22-2014 at 06:38 PM (252 Views)
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When I quit, I liked smoking. Loved tobacco. Didn't even want to quit. Was just blind sided by the flavor you can get out of a PV.

My ADV is some form of chocolate. Some in my svd, tesla and mvp. (different flavors of chocolate) My vtr has french toast.

I have about a dozen heads for the ego's filled with diff (mostly) fruit flavors. And I'm not that fond of any kind of fruit.

My vv3 has some 555 tobacco. My epipe mech has cherry pipe tobacco. Throughout the day... I take mebbe 2 or 3 hits on each baccy flavor. But always come back to non tobacco flavors. They just taste better and really do the job for me. Which is probably why I always look like a steam engine all my waking hours.

Now, I still like the smell of tobacco so I could never call them a "stinky". BUT, if I had to make a top 10 list of vaping flavors, baccy would have a hard time making the list. Of course YMMV since there are soooo many juices out there that just plain suck. But if you finally hit that one that hits the spot... baccy just drops another number down the list.