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GlassGal's Favorite Toppers for Provari (Carto, RBA, RDA)

Steam Turbine Clone for Provari

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by , 12-16-2013 at 12:12 AM (1897 Views)
This isn't really a 'review', or a rebuild guide, since there are so many already online for any RBA. Also, how well a RBA vapes depends on what you consider a good vape, and how (well) you build the coils/wicks.

So what the page is about is closeup photos of how they come apart and go back together again, as well as what I consider the biggest pros/cons of each, and photos of what they are size wise compared to other RBA and common batteries, as well as how hard a newbie found them to take apart and get running the first time.

The Steam Turbine atomizer gave me FITS... but now that I've figured it out, I really really LOVE it!!!
Possibly the most versatile and intelligent design I've seen, once I 'got' how it works.

I bought 5 of this and Kayfun to see the consistency in fit and finish... very consistent.

My Atomizer Rating: 7/10 (5 is average) - I had to take 2 off because of that initial difficulty with disassembly, otherwise, I might rate this higher than Kayfun

- No leaking - there's an open hole that I thought might leak at the top of the RBA... but it just doesn't, even when stored on side or shaken upside down with the build exposed *scratches head*
- bottom feed tank - so smart! No need to touch juice while rebuilding! Unscrew top cap, and rebuild on the fly (read that steel mesh wicks can be reused for months, so only coils need rebuilding, and those are supposed to last for a month too)
- Stunningly Unique and cool looking. No atomizer on the market is this interesting to look at
- GLASS tank standard
- can tighten down to Provari, airhole intelligently set on top of RBA
- Drip tip standard size and changeable
- Versatile Genisis style dual wick wire Mesh rebuilding (should also be able to use cotton/silicone wicking too tho- haven't tried), or just use 1 and plug hole.

- unbelievably difficult getting the metal tank cover and glass off the first time (easy afterwards)
- tricky to rebuild with the wire mesh (could be because I'm a newbie), but once built, should not need touching for a month or 2, just add juice.

Now this must be seen, but my understanding is that the steel mesh is ideal for juices that burn up heads, because you can dry burn to your hearts content right on them. If you lose a coil, you just rewrap.

The rewrapping is very temperamental, the coils must be very symmetrical, so this is a tricky build. I took the factory build and 'adjusted' by leveling out all the coils, and ensuring nothing touches. I didn't actually rewrap this one.

Here are some Steam Turbine rebuilding videos:
Karen's Steam Turbine Build - YouTube

Steam turbine build - YouTube

A general Genisis building video:

Here it is:

Disassembled (not the tank) - see how you can build it without touching the tank?:

Came with spare mesh, spare O ring, spare wires:

Original Build:

Tank taken apart (after rebuild, so wicks are all wet):

Dissembled and wires spaced more evenly (this makes a huge difference)

Dry fired to get rid of hot spots (there aren't any):

Fully reassembled and juiced up in tank:

Compared to other Atomizer in size:

I hated this at first... but now I think it may be my favorite... gotta see if I can rebuild it with cotton wick, but want to run the mesh down first.
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    Some tricks and tips:

    Add Ejuice to the inside of the tank and the threading before trying to get it off.

    Screw onto your battery to help with gripping while getting the tank/metal cover off the first time.

    After you get it off the FIRST time, you just moisten the orings with juice and you'll never have the problem again.

    Also, noticed that some video have said that Mechs are better to use for RBA, because of the ability to do sub-ohm... but they work just fine with APV!!