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Using eCigs to Quit Smoking, or the umpteenth nic replacement...Successful?

Washington bill (6569) would tax tobacco substitutes (including e-cigs) at 95%, referred to Senate Ways and Means Cmte

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by , 03-10-2014 at 01:08 AM (195 Views)
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Everybody keep in mind that Provape, the makers of the beloved Provari is based in Washington State...
And for the first time since this started, they are making their customers aware that they are behind the vapers of WA State...

Dear ProVape Customer and Washington State resident,

We at ProVape need your help. We wouldn't ordinarily ask, but this is a special case.

The Washington State Senate and Legislature are considering new taxes (HB2795 and SB6569) that would heavily tax e-cigarettes.

The result of these new taxes will be the following:
1. Taxes up to 95% on all e-cigarettes, e-juices and e-cigarette related hardware.
2. Massive closures of vapor lounges, e-cigarette retailers, e-cigarette manufacturers and e-juice manufacturers.
3. Limited availability and limited (or no) access to different e-cigarette models and juice flavors.
4. Cause serious harm to thousands of Washington citizens who have quit smoking analog cigarettes by replacing them with electronic cigarettes.
5. Remove a viable option many physicians and dentists are recommending to their patients wishing to replace analog cigarettes.

This legislation will kill vaping in Washington State.

Please help us in our fight against these outrageous taxes:

Step 1:
Use this online tool to locate the contact info for your State Representative and State Senator.

Step 2:
Once you have located this information, please take the time to call your senator and representatives.
This amounts to just 3 phone calls.

Step 3:
Tell them where you are from and ask them to oppose legislation containing new taxes on vaping products (reference HB2795 and SB6569).

This amounts to 3 phone calls per person.

Please encourage friends, family members, and anyone else to make these calls.

If the elected officials don't hear from us, they will think we don't care. WE DO CARE so the calls have to be made.

We don't have much time - the deadline is this Thursday, March 13 at midnight.

Please make the calls today!

Thank you for your time and your support.