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Using eCigs to Quit Smoking, or the umpteenth nic replacement...Successful?

Flavors that may contain Diacetyl, are there really this many?

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by , 03-12-2014 at 10:36 AM (280 Views)
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So I assume your vaping unflavored? The major flavor trade organizations (don't recall the letters) have on their websites advice to members not to sell flavors to the ecig industry. There are literally tens (hundreds?) of thousands of companies manufacturing flavorings. I don't know where you get figures that vaping even places on the revenue pie chart, but I'd be surprised if it's .001% of the industry as a whole. I don't think we have the leverage to demand much. Remember, it was a flavoring company that raised the alarm that the approved diacytal replacements might not be as safe for inhalation as they appeared to be for ingestion - and not due any vaper getting sick. Many of these molecules are considered "natural" as well and there was no reason to suspect them. The flavoring companies didn't need to say anything about their suspicions, but they did. I'm impressed FW released the ppm's. I don't see any reason to not trust them and I'm not loosing sight of the fact that all flavoring companies may not be so forthcoming. I'll have to see.