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House has Passed Budget for Senate in Washington State, HB 2795 is dead.

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by , 03-15-2014 at 12:49 PM (291 Views)
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Don't we have to pay income taxes too? I know that my paycheck is a lot less after taxes than I wish it was. Or is that a different kind of tax?

No income tax. Good if middle class, bad if below.

Worked in Oregon also. There, income tax but no sales tax. You have federal income tax, not the same as state income tax. (noted states with both sales and income tax, California and Mew York).

Hence,every time they bring up adding income tax in washington, it's voted down, so they chase revenues elsewhere, in Oregon, every time they bring up sales tax, it's voted down, so they chase revenue elsewhere, fees, etc, the recent recession leaves states with only one form of tax REALLY hurting (except California, always hurting), so you have to balance taxes between the needs of the citizens.

However, this wasn't a sin tax, this was reclassifying ecigs as tobacco products under MSA, so the sales would count towards tobacco sales, and the payouts from tobacco companies would increase. We pay, and the tobacco companies pay. Sales tax would be charged on top of that, different than the liquor tax, which is all by itself, no added sales tax. Hope that helps, dang, need a drink.