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  1. Stacking batteries in a regulated mod - zmax, ect

    by , 09-09-2014 at 04:38 PM
    I have been a strong proponent of stacked batteries for regulated mods capable of it. Like zmax and vamo. I have a sigelie zmax v3 and it is capable of handling stacked batteries. I only recommend stacking safe chemistry imr batteries! There are some major benefits below; but first safety.

    Some of the strict practices and over caution was very true just less than a few years ago. But now with the wide spread use of safe chemistry imr batteries; I think some of this needs to be revisited. ...
  2. Rayon Tips & Tricks

    by , 08-24-2014 at 04:35 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Necrosis View Post
    Thought I'd chime in real quick, ended up going back to a different wicking style resembling something several million pages back in the thread. Thread rayon through coil like normal, and rather than fanning out the tails, just splitting the tails about 3/4 of the thickness and snipping the thicker segment off each side with scissors as close to the coil as I can, then trimming the rest to length. What really seems to have improved my results is positioning the rayon before saturating it, instead
  3. Rayon thread Notable posts 800-1200

    by , 07-27-2014 at 03:14 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by brianc11111 View Post
    ive noticed that not one person that has tried rayon has said "yeah its ok, but ill stick with cotton".
    everyone who tries it says it outperforms cotton
    and its still in its infancy.....just wait till its been wrung through the wringer and more evaluations are brought forth.

    really people...for something to come out of the gate with such favorable reviews tells me its the real deal!
    Quote Originally Posted by SteamHead View Post
    That's cool, keep me updated; I've thought of doing the same
  4. Rayon thread - Notable posts 400-800

    by , 07-26-2014 at 06:56 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by xpen View Post
    I'm guilty to that charge as well, even though I've always had an open mind about wicking materials. Until I dug deeper in this thread, to me Rayon was nasty stuff to vape on...

    The Rayon name sounds like synthetic material, like nylon and the like... Which it is btw, only it's man-made but out of natural stuff, the wood pulp. Its shiny look doesn't help, either.

    All in all it may be very difficult to convey that simple truth to the average Joe, though... I'm not
  5. Rayon research posts up to post 400

    by , 07-15-2014 at 05:07 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by weinner View Post
    Unless you're educated in organic chemistry, you're not going to comprehend the manufacturing process and the solvents used. If you research on how every chemical you put in your body is synthesized, then you wouldn't take medication, only drink water, and only eat fruits, vegetables, and meat you kill. If you're sincerely worried about the solvents used in the manufacturing process of rayon then I suggest you don't do the research because I gerentee you ingest products that uses chemicals in the
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