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by , 03-30-2012 at 09:21 AM (475 Views)
Got mom an LT mini(red). She is liking it, so far she has cut her cig smoking in half. I'm very hopeful she can make the switch to full time vaper. Got two possible converts at work, they are not very gadget oriented so i'll probably have to act as a suppler of juice and cartos for them. But its well worth it if they quit smoking. Finally got my hands on some BWB RY4 and its very good(have to keep it for special occasions lol only have 30mls). My all day vape right now is Banana Foster (DIY) and i must say i love it!
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  1. bully mom's Avatar
    Good for you Karn. Your mom raised a good son!! She is lucky to have you and I have a feeling it works both ways. Good luck to Mom on her journey to quit and bless your heart for helping her.