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What's the voltage on eGo 1100 mAh with LCD?

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by , 03-08-2014 at 03:53 AM (243 Views)
[QUOTE=Keili;12463187]CANNOT find this information anywhere! I am using it with a Protank Mini II but it just burns! I've tried all the Protank mods (flipping the rubber on the coil, changing the coil, putting liguid on the wick, removing a wick, cleaning the wick) but I can't figure it out. Both items are brand new and I'm pretty upset : (

If this isn't enough information, or if I'm looking at the wrong things, please let me know! I'm a total newbie![/QUOTE]


  1. bacc.vap's Avatar
    Is it the same as the one in this link? If so, it says that it has a normal working voltage of 3.6v to 4.2v, which I take to mean it's an unregulated battery that starts at 4.2v and drops to 3.6v as you're using it, until it needs to be charged. If it's fully charged and you're using a low restance coil, it may just be too much voltage for you. eGo LCD MEGA 1100mAh battery is with the LCD display, 1100mAh manual eGo LCD battery and 5 clicks On/OFF switch