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Talking with a smoker...

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by , 01-22-2009 at 02:38 AM (1293 Views)
I just wanted to write about some of the conversations I have had with people about e-cigarettes in the last few days. As any e-smoker knows, when you go on your smoke breaks with one of these things you get asked a lot of questions.

I have had some of the most down to earth sincere conversations with people over the last few days about smoking. It has really been moving. What a smoker will never admit to a non smoker or someone who says,”HEY you need to QUIT!” “You know you’re killing yourself, right?!?!” is why yes yes I am. We get pissed and it makes us want to smoke more because deep down inside we know exactly what we are doing. We are also dreading the doctor visits for simple checkups because of the WHAT IF and CANCER word, causing some to miss normal checkups all together. All in all it is denial but most of all it is us loving the aspect so smoking soo much, being social, our mind giving us a break from work, brain storming, some cases weight loss, and so on. How many times have you been a part of an important meeting ona smoke break? I know I have. There are things like that in life that make quitting even harder, especially if you enjoy it. What we feel inside is so conflicting it is impossible to answer those who approach us in any other way than for us to joke as a dismissal or to get angry.

This is where my conversations have differed. When anyone sees that there is another option out there to keep their lifestyle they have grown to love, be it feeding the nicotine addiction or just having the social aspect, if you ask them, “You hate the fact that regular cigarettes are eventually going to kill you” They will look you in the eyes and agree. Not only that but there is such truth in the statement and understanding, it is really moving. I have been very fervent about the entire idea of e-smoking because honestly I have wondered SINCE I BEGAN SMOKING, why oh why can’t there be a healthy alternative, I really enjoy this. I mean come on, smoking is a past time that really just feels right for some of us. I mean look at an old 50’s picture, everyone is smoking. Look at the old ads! They didn’t know any better and so they enjoyed smoking and it was part of the culture. When we found out it was bad it was too late to turn back and the culture pushed on, even past all of the negative aspects. People look down on smokers because they are killing themselves, HOW COULD THEY! They say we smell, they say it sucks to kiss us, they move us into corners of buildings away from other people even though they don’t realize we have our own community wherever they put us. We often feel exiled or as if we may jeopardize more than our health but our jobs as well being smokers.

So now that I can tell my story with the e-cigarettes to all my friends who smoke with me, they look at what is in my hand, confused but hopeful. And I swear if there was theme music or I could jump into the inner psychie of one of them when they hear there is a healthier alternative to smoking without having to stop the routine I would start crying. Or how about the idea that you could technically smoke indoors so if you NEED to be somewhere but can’t concentrate without that smoke, do it right there, take a few drags, or hit the bathroom and grab a few puffs in there to last you.

Now don’t get me wrong being that e-cigs are still under question this may not be the answer yet, but just from a surface point of view it is a damn good step in the right direction.

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  1. leaford's Avatar
    Very nice, Kitty. You've summed up the internal conflicts very well. And I think I will borrow that approach when I talk to smokers from now on.
  2. swanee's Avatar
    Very good read thank you for this,,
  3. RainbowznStarz's Avatar
    Well put together, thanks.
  4. khat56's Avatar
    exactly how I feel. The E cigs are not working good for me. Battery life mostly. Very expensive with it only working for one week at the most.
  5. KittyBurn's Avatar
    I think you may have read this wrong. E Cigarettes are working GREAT for me and the people I talked to... So i am confused by your comment.
  6. lafl333's Avatar
    Almost 2 years for me...and sometimes weeks go by and I don't vape. Smoked over forty years. But...when I get on my soapbox at work or wherever...I feel people just don't get it. They often tell me this is worse than cigs....I give up
  7. lafl333's Avatar
    I love KBV...for juice...and still using eGo....someday will afford a Reo....!!
  8. Freedombadeaux's Avatar
    A good read...