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Some thoughts

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by , 07-18-2010 at 01:09 AM (355 Views)
Well had a little time so that I would post some more. As I mentioned yesterday, I am starting to notice smells really standing out. The cafeteria at work is starting to smell a heck of a lot nicer that I can recall in the past. Seems I can smell the food from further away than before. And I am really taking notice of things that stink.

Came out of the bathroom after taking a shower the day before and some stink just struck me like a brick! It was the dog. Perfumes and body sprays seem to be sticking out to me too. I am not really noticing the smell of smoke on others, mainly because I have not been around anyone who was smoking, not by choice, just seems to have been working out that way. When the sprinklers are on at work they use that reclaimed water and it reeks to high heaven (like rotten eggs). I could always smell it when the sprinklers were running, last night I noticed the smell after the water turned off and the water was still pooled on the ground.

Iíve been ruminating to myself lately about the actual act of vaping. Comparing it to smoking, analyzing technique, guess its been occupying my mind since I just started. Iím just going to jot down some of thoughts on vaping and close it out from there.

Vaping, imho, helped me to quit because it is replacing the act of smoking (duh?). Follow the theory of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) using the patch or nic gum is a mistake. Most likely for many people, such as myself, quitting is not a battle against nic addiction, itís the psychological manifestation taking place with the ritual of smoking. This is why one has to battle against triggers, stress, and situations that bring about the desire to light one up.

Stress is one of the biggest factors for many to deal with when it comes to quitting. Stress will cause relapses where many others triggers will not.

I am glad I followed the advice many gave and got a manual 510 to start. Yes we are vaping now, but it does emulate smoking. But when I use the manual 510 it is so different, the only real similarity is the act of inhaling. By having to hold the PV in a different fashion than a cigarette, pressing a button, inhaling in a different manner, it all helps to lead me away from the familiar ritual involved in smoking. The change is good as it leads me elsewhere, down a different path away from the smoking ritual. I wondering if using an auto battery would be too much like a real cigarette, may cause a craving to occur. Or maybe Iím just overly paranoid?

Was talking to my best friend who I told all about my e-cig experience today. He was thrilled and is considering its use as he wants to quit too.
I told him that itís a great aide, but donít expect it to be exactly like smoking. Taste is going to be different. Look for the positive in all the differences you find. Let the differences take you away form the ritual you are familiar with so that triggers and relapses can be avoided.

Also told him donít expect to quit immediately, its different for everyone. But if you can get to the point that it cuts your cigarette consumption in half you are doing great!

One thing I couldnít stand was self righteous anti-smokers, especially self righteous EX-anti-smokers.
I will strive to not follow in their footsteps. We are all allowed our own personal choices and if someone wants to smoke that is their choice. If it is so deadly and terrible then why do they still sell them to us?
I will not argue with people over it but one thing I will not tolerate is someone who is smoking but trying to tell me that vaping is not good for me, or that I am only substituting one habit for another. The other one is ďbut youíre still using nicotine!Ē.
Itís one thing if you donít smoke, are uninformed and say these things, but donít say them to me if you still smoke. Iím putting a lot less into my system vaping all day than you do with one cigarette. Not going to start a fight over it, but I will speak my mind, or maybe Iíll just walk away from you because you have just proved to me youíre very ignorant.

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